Axed: Charlie’s Angels

And who didn’t see this one coming?

ABC (US) has clipped the wings of Charlie’s Angels, after just four episodes.

The reboot featuring Rachael Taylor had a minor increase in its ratings in the US this week but not enough to spare it from the inevitable. While it premiered to 8.7 million viewers it had slipped to a 1.2 rating in its demo, managing 1.3 this week.

Sony TV has shot a total of 8 episodes, including the pilot.

Despite being fast-tracked, after lacklustre ratings in Australia the show was also sent from Nine to GO!

Source: Deadline


  1. Drew Barrymore was an unwatchable actress and is even less of a producer / director (didn’t she direct the movies?) than an actress. Leave the stuff alone. It was cancelled way-back-when for a reason.

  2. I can’t understand this constant ‘rebooting’ of old classics. They very rarely (if ever) get it right. What about something innovative like, A new idea! Wow, what cutting edge that would be. 🙂

  3. It’s impossible to know what’s going to work and what won’t, if they did then there would be no flops, and remakes of successful shows are burdened with trying to follow a show many people love. Many criticized the Battlestar Galactica remake in the early days, including some of the original cast, but it went on to be one of the most successful remakes in recent history.

    Personally I think it wouldn’t take much to make this show work, better writers would be a start and a more plausible background for the angels, keeping the show more like the original and not trying to make it modern and politically correct would be 2 things I’d change.

  4. Someone questioned how this stuff actually gets the green light. Easy! It doesn’t take much to get *&%$ made for film or tv in the states. I mean, look at what we’ve seen come and go…not to mention still air! It’s the age old “It’s not what you know it’s who you know”, which sucks because there are always struggling writers and producers with brilliant and fresh ideas, just not the connections behind them to get it off the ground. Then again, Barrymore’s production house did bring us Donnie Darko, so for all the rough, there is one diamond. But jeez…what rough!

  5. The new 90210 is a joke. Bad acting and bad writing.

    I will admit I enjoyed the new Melrose Place with Katie Cassidy…but it only lasted 18 episodes.

  6. What I don’t understand is that even before these pointless remakes are in front of the cameras, the people they’re being made for are ridiculing them. So how is it possible to justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars actually making them? Why would “Australia’s Rachael Taylor” even associate her name with a certain failure?

    The answer is most likely part of the reason I haven’t watched more than 2 hours’ TV in the past fortnight. and instead have spent my free time playing games.

  7. To be fair, it was improving. My husband and I watched it every week saying “Well it’s still not great, but that was better than last week; we’ll give it another week before deciding whether or not to watch it again.” Guess the decision’s been made for us!

    Great to hear Grey’s is apparently sniffing around for Rachel Taylor to return. Now can another show please sign up hot Bosley?

  8. Not that i want to defend 90210 (trust me i don’t) but 4 seasons versus just a handful of episodes for Angels & Bionic means it is not a flop.

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