Delta rumour for The Voice

Delta Goodrem. Seal. Keith Urban. Joel Madden.

They are four names rumoured to be judging on The Voice -the Shine Australia talent series set for Nine in 2012.

If they are correct it would be a good get, with the four profile names each covering a different genre of music: pop, soul, country and rock.

The Daily Telegraph reports industry sources confirm negotiations with the four, but contracts were yet to be finalised.

Previous names that have been speculated include Vanessa Amorosi, George Michael, P!nk, Dannii Minogue and Anthony Callea.

Goodrem’s name has previously been floated, including as Presenter rather than judge.

The Nine series will avoid the cattle call auditions of previous shows such as Australian Idol and focus on singers with proven talent, similar to Rock Star.


  1. @tmorgan

    If it was on 7 with that same dreary panel of has beens and wannabes it would have half a chance to succeed because 7 isn’t as incompetent a network as 9. Look at the x factor average judges and mainly mediocre performers yet manages to not only win Its slot but on many occasions top the night. Your bias toward 9 invalidates any point you make . While I’m calling this one an early failure for 9, Big Brother on 9 will be an even bigger flop. Mark my words . Feel free to come back and rub it in if I’m wrong on both counts.

  2. Id love to see Tina Arena as a judge, she is an amzing performer and she is known to be a singer’s singer. I saw her guest judge on Aus. Idol a few years ago and she was veryy good at it. She was honest,direct and gave some good advice.

  3. Dont like Delta, saw her judge on another past talent show…… Joel Madden yes, the rest I dont think so. To ppl that think this is a dream judging panel are in for one boring panel except for possible talent, which of course will be filtered out til the crappiest talent remains…..

  4. Keith I could agree with but the others?? Pass.

    Why ímport judges when we have some amazing homegrown talent that could fill the chairs? I much prefered the previous rumoured panel of Vanessa Amorosi, Anthony Callea and Tina Arena…add Keith and I’d be very happy.

  5. is it just me or is the format for The Voice very ludicrous. They have Blind Auditions to show that they dont care if someone has the right look, stage presence, or a likeable personality but then they say they only want people to audition that are rich enough to have their own agent.

    I think Big Brother and The Apprentice will be winners for 9 but The Voice is going to be another Shine mega-flop. especially remembering 7/fremantle had difficulty launching the (superior brand) X factor. 9/Shine sure have the odds against them. not only is The Voice the inferior brand its the one following a sucessful run of the X factor.

  6. RE Tomothy: Pink’s last Aussie tour went for longer than 3 months, so it wouldn’t be a big ask for her. Plus, she comes across as the sort of person who would ask for less money for that sort of thing.

    And Smarty: You could say the same for Keith and “Our Nic”… and Joel and Nicole… and Delta and that Jonas Brother she’s apparently with…

  7. Calling Joel Madden exclusively rock is a bit of a stretch… Pop rock more like it, definitely more pop too. Anyway, it does sound like an amazing judging panel, just sad that Nein had to be holding the reins.

  8. @ tomothy

    Australia is one of Pink’s biggest markets around the world. She’s more popular here than overseas. So while I know nothing about her being on this show or not, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to be here for a few months to film.

  9. Armchair Analyst

    Yeah that possible mentoring and judging panel looks and sounds good. Although i am not sure that the three international mentors or judges or four if you include Delta considering she lives and works in the states, would want to travel and work on show for about two to three months, auditions to live shows.

  10. @TVluva,
    You have no clue. This show is probably the most talked about show of the USA summer. If this was going to air on Seven, you would be claiming the Voice to be the next Big ‘thing!’ Nine will certainly be keen to make this work.

  11. Moanique in Brisbane

    I agree with TVLuva, I think this will fail. I don’t like Delta Goodrem or Keith Urban. Nine has a lousy track record with talent shows.

  12. I’ll call it now. This will be an epic failure- of The renovators proportion. At least in their depths od desperation 9 are trying something different. And by different I don’t mean innovative and anything with wow factor- these kind of shows have been dine to the death on 7 and 10 I mean different for 9.

  13. P!nk would not be an affordable option for Nine, spending 3 months + of her time in Oz would be a big ask for for and would be big dollars.
    I don’t think Delta has a presenters voice, she’s not a scream talker like Nat Bassingthwaite luckily but she’d be better suited to judging, especially for the younger people auditioning, as she has been that young teen trying to make it big.

  14. Now that’s an awesome judging panel! I was uncertain about watching it, but If they have singers of that calibre, it’s got some definite potential – much better than X Factor…

  15. Now that’s an awesome judging panel! I was uncertain about watching it, but of they have singers of that calibre, it’s got some definite potential – much better than X Factor…

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