Demos split Seven and Nine by 0.1%

In Week 45 of ratings Nine and Seven were neck and neck in the key demos.

The Nine Network won 16-39 by 0.1%, Seven won 18-49 by 0.1% and both tied on 25-54%.

If it had been this close all year the ratings race would have been a much closer battle, but now we have entered the final lap.

Seven Network again won the week in Total People. Packed to the Rafters was the week’s top show on 1.6m viewers. Also in the top ten were Seven News (Sun, 1.4m), The X Factor (Tues: 1.4m, Mon: 1.35m), and Beauty & the Geek Australia (1.33m).

Nine’s best were The Big Bang Theory (1.37m), followed by The Celebrity Apprentice (Challenge: 1.32m, Challenge Two: 1.27m), Underbelly: Razor (1.25m), and the Rugby World Cup final on 1.21m.

Doc Martin (1.32m) and Spicks and Specks (1.04m) were the top shows for ABC1.

Neither TEN nor SBS ONE ranked in the Top 20 shows under OzTAM’s new ratings republishing rules.

Network shares Seven won with 30.4% over Nine’s 26.4%, TEN’s 19.9%, ABC’s 17.9% and SBS 5.4%.

In Primary channels, Seven scored 22.6% ahead of Nine’s 19.6%. ABC1 and TEN tied on 13.4% with SBS1 on 4.6%.

7TWO topped multichannels on 4.3%, with ELEVEN and GO! on 4.0%. 7mate was 3.5%. ABC2 and GEM tied on 2.7%. ONE was 2.5%, ABC News 24 was 1.0% and ABC3 and SBS2 tied on 0.8%.

Seven won each night from Monday – Saturday, with Nine winning Sunday. ABC bettered TEN on three nights: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and Nine on Saturday. ABC1 was also the top Primary Channel on Saturday.

Seven took the week in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with Nine again victorious in Sydney.

Just 4 more weeks remain in the 2011 survey.


  1. @steve sydney “Maybe 11 is eating into TEN’s own viewership”

    I said exactly that to a co-worker last week. Worst mistake Ten made was to launch a digital channel that was too similar to its main channel. They are stealing their own viewers.

  2. Wasn’t it only a few years back when Nine was winning total people and TEN owning all the key demos with Seven caught somewhere in between??

    Could it be a strategy of Nine to loose total people if it means they do better in the cash driven demos to help ease it’s parent company’s debt issues?

    Many nights this week Eleven actually beat GO! Maybe 11 is eating into TEN’s own viewership

  3. @Tmorgan

    are you a paid 9 bot? How do you conclude 7 are on shaky ground in the demos? Do you know who leads all demos YTD? Do you even know what the numbers are? If not Id be happy to educate you on them. And if you call leading in all demos YTD being on shaky ground, then you are more delusional than channel 9 thinking Big Brother will work on their network.

  4. @ Jerome That seemed to be the case right up until ELEVEN came along. Since then, all multichannels have edged back to shares of 3.5-4.5 (well, the well performing ones anyway). ELEVEN has actually slowly improved from low weeks of 3.0% in the middle of the year to 4.0% and is edging closer to GO! I predict ELEVEN to beat GO! during summer.

  5. Digital channel shares seem to begging backwards, a few months ago there would be weekly averages of high 4 and into 5%s. I would have thought that ad the main channels wind down for the year and slip into summer schedules this would be a peak period for them.

  6. ABC News 24 is horrible. They speak about Qantas for 2 mins, then diggers death for 2 mins then it’s back to Qantas for 2 mins, then the weather for 2 mins and finally back to Qantas for 2 mins. Constant fails of live crosses, with no sound and loss of picture.

  7. Curtis of Brisbane

    ABC News 24 did a fantastic job last night – live interviews, live crosses, live analysis, that is what rolling news coverage is all about !!! Nine and Seven were quite ordinary given the crisis situation confronting our nation. Ten has become simply irrelevant concerning news.

  8. Moanique in Brisbane

    @tmorgan. Well i’ve had far more than 5 minutes experience in the Television Industry ( not at Seven ) and I can tell you that you are incorrect to say that Seven is on shaky ground with the demo’s 🙂

  9. The only thing I know is that seven has won every week so far this year and the things that do matter is that it will win the total viewers easily and will make the biggest profit from the year like last year. This talk about demos is not the be all and end all. It is a bit like the a sporting team that does not win the grand final but says oh well, we did well in the second quarter and the third (it does not matter), the only thing that matters is when the final siren sounds who is winning on the scoreboard and in footy terms seven has won by 70 points. Flogging!

  10. @tmorgan

    You got to be joking right? Seven have tapered off for the year and is due to sweep all the demos this year including those over 55’s. Its just one week and its getting tight but like i said Seven has tapered off for the year now they have everything in the bag which is why we have Australia’s Got Talent Specials on instead of Rafters, we have repeats of Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle and others. Nine are not getting closer its just Seven are not really trying and still belting them. This week was very close as David pointed out but the fact remains that Nine would need a miracle to win any of the demo’s overall this year.

    Nine and TEN are the ones who have lost ground this year in the demo’s. Nine and TEN won key demo’s last year while Seven won overall and i remember you all crowing about that. Seven has in fact got stronger this year and will win all key demos this year and Nine and TEN will finish 2nd and 3rd. Plus they are on track to become the first network since OzTam ratings were introduced to win every single year of a ratings period. 9 and 10 are the ones who have lost out to the advertisers revenue this year because of this fact and will probably lose out next year. Seven has kept all its shows bar a couple from the US and even the UK in hand for next year and will be very strong in the first half of 2012. Nine will claw them back when the Olympics are shown but even then i doubt Nine will win 2012 overall.

  11. @tmorgan
    Hardly shaky ground when reviewing the year as a whole. Easily smashing the competition with A18-49 & 25-54 and still in front of the youth-skewing Ten with 16-39. As mentioned, they’re filling half of primetime with repeats and cheap reality (The One, B&TG) and pulled their biggest drama one month early. May be arrogent (and they’ll probably lose a week or two with the demo’s), but they’ll be commanding massive advertiser rates come 2012.

    It’s Nine and Ten who are on shaky ground with advertisers.

  12. I don’t get why Nine felt it had to cover things last night, I’m sure there are a few funny home video fans p*ssed off at them. Why didn’t they do like Seven and just have a 10 min update around 7:30? This is why we have ABC24, we don’t need extended coverage on the other channels, and the ratings prove this.

    Back to the ratings, good to see them closing the gap, 7 over next month without the Rafters might start slipping, maybe Nine can take a late win with its fast tracked shows?

  13. Well, Nine would be happy they’ve had a resurgence in Demos, considering thats where all the money is.
    I really don’t see why everyone is yelling “Seven is Fantastic!” when truthfully, in the Demos, they are significantly weaker (but still winning). Anyone with 5 minutes of experience in the TV Industry could tell you that Seven is on shaky ground with its demos.

  14. Seven aren’t even trying, with repeats of Bones, Castle, Body of Proof, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, and from this week Australia’s Got Amazing Talent all taking up high profile primetime slots. But you can’t blame them for stockpiling content for 2012 when they are still winning weeks so easily. Nine really need to lift their game if they want to win a week.

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