KCAs 2011: Random Acts of (Orange) Carpetness

There were screaming tweens, Spongebob Squarepants, celebrities, media and more screaming tweens.

This was the mayhem that is the Orange Carpet of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Friday afternoon at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

It’s an event known for its ear-piercing decibels as teenagers, mostly female, squealed in excitement at the sight of a celebrity. Many held up signs with their mobile phone number in the hope that a star might call them. Absolutely shameless.

Plenty of stars, especially The X Factor contestants and Home and Away stars, worked hard at signing autographs, or even snapping photos of themselves with fans. Luke Jacobz you get points for that.

It’s also one of the few carpet events where stars can bring their own kids along. Larry Emdur and Melissa Doyle did just that -while Mel B., a seasoned paparazzi face, made a speedy beeline through all the fuss with daughter in tow.

Others such as Matt Preston were co-hosting footage, including with Camp Orange boys Luke and Wyatt.

Cody Simpson was a big hit with the kids, going on to take three awards on the night.

Daniel MacPherson, who is just about to appear in The Cup, has returned from 2 weeks in LA where he auditioned for 5 projects, including a new series from the Lost team.

“It’s been a massive year, but it’s been good,” he said.

“We’re waiting on recommissioning for Wild Boys, so once that’s greenlighted we’ll do that again. Hopefully another film in the mix. Dancing with the Stars will go again. So it’s just another standard year.”

MacPherson filmed 13 eps of Wild Boys this season.

“The series really turns as of this weekend. It’s taken a little while to get the ingredients in the mix right. But as of this weekend it gets a lot stronger.”

Matt Preston has just returned from 2 weeks holiday in Lombok, Indonesia, so he hasn’t seen much of Junior MasterChef yet.

But asked about changes to the main event for next year, he said:

“I‘ve spoken before about things we need to do better. We need to work on the Immunity Challenges and make them better. We need to make sure that our perception of the contestants is the way you see them on screen. I think that’s really important. If we think that they are better cooks than the previous year, you need to see it on the television. So it’s a matter of looking at how the edits go.

“Hopefully it will be re-energised by having a different selection of contestants and that’s always a great joy. So much depends on what the raw material is like. Having Shine looking in different places I think we’ll get some good people.”

Asked about is involvement in casting, he said: “We come in at the Top 100 but the boys come in a bit earlier. They often do a hidden tour you don’t often see on camera.”

Amazing Race Australia winners Nathan and Tyler were asked about their advice for prospective racers:

“Put on the pounds because you’re going to lose about 10 kilos when you do it,” said Tyler.

“Go into it without any expectations because game plans go out the window straight away. You have to be able to forget yesterday. Every day is a new day and you have to be able to bounce back. You can be in last spot in a matter of seconds so you can’t get down,” Nathan added.

Asked if they were happy at the way they were portrayed, he added: “They wanted to show us as the surfie dudes but if they wanted to show us fighting more, we fought more, but it never got shown. When you sign up for Reality TV you’ve got to be prepared to look any way they want you to look.”

Meanwhile, as visiting Americans presumably unfamiliar with many of the Aussie acts, iCarly stars Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress did a good job as hosts, full of energy and enthusiasm.

In the Eck-Factor hosted Media Room there was a special slime photo booth for press, a confectionary stand, phone recharge bar, wifi and monitors of the auditorium event. When the winners and hosts were escorted to the press it was all about getting the cheesy photo. Questions are rarely forthcoming on these occasions.

Once again Nickelodeon put on another crowd-pleaser.


  1. I thought I saw Justin Bieber, then I realized it was a yellow snake with a stupid hair cut?

    Question: Who or what is Justice Crew, is this Australian Jersey Shore?

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