Mad Monday a two way battle

Monday night proved to be strong for Seven and Nine at the expense of the rest.

Monday night proved to be strong for Seven and Nine at the expense of the rest.

The X Factor dominated proceedings with 1.25m viewers as the top show of the night. Rock night featured mentoring by Alice Cooper and a reactive live telly moment with Guy Sebastian taking contestant Mitchell Callaway to task over his rehearsal attitude.

Today Tonight (1.21m), Seven News (1.18m), Home And Away Seven (1.02m) and Body Of Proof (948,000) all did good business for Seven.

The Mentalist (1.07m) was Nine’s top show of the night, but a 90 minute finale of The Farmer Wants A Wife (1.05m) was also strong. Two of the farmers left the series without a potential partner in tow. CSI: Miami was 678,000 for its first episode.

It was a disappointing night for TEN with Junior Masterchef (770,000) its best performer. Undercover Boss Australia followed at 8:30pm with 578,000 and Law And Order: SVU slipped to 353,000. At 10:30pm Good News World is now limping out with 187,000. It will be fascinating to see how TEN stacks up without its TEN Late News.

ABC News (896,000) topped the night for ABC1 before it dropped to 596,000 for 7:30 and 631,000 for an Australian Story replay. Things improved with Four Corners (744,000) and Media Watch (742,000). Q & A was 613,000.

Swift And Shift Couriers (234,000) was best for SBS ONE.

Neighbours topped multichannels on 339,000.

Seven won the night.

Week 41

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  1. Undercover Boss’ main problem is that they haven’t got very interesting companies. I had never heard of last nights CEO or his organization (nor was I interested in the lady prior),The format works much better when it is within an interesting company (eg QLD Rail). The teaser for next weeks episode does look good though. Also a +1 to the bad wig comment below, I get that they need to have a disguise, but you’re not fooling anyone with those terrible wigs, in fact, I turned off when I saw that was the best they could do.

  2. When did Guy start having such an attitude? Personally I stuck to my word and haven’t watched X Factor since the auditions ended. Love Mel B but can’t stand anything else about the show.

    It’s an absolute disgrace that TEN axed the Late News that had been running for almost 18 years to make way for Good News World!!!

  3. I like Undercover Boss. Just this weeks didn’t interest me, though bad wig alert!!

    I haven’t watched Junior Masterchef this time around. It clashes with other things that I would rather watch. I don’t feel like I missing out on anything.

  4. Getting a little bored of The X Factor, I was more entertained by the show last year. I liked some of the performances but the rest are too poppy for me.

    The Mentalist’s season opener was brilliant – I watched it a week ago, but good to see it is pulling good numbers here.

    Undercover Boss Australia is tanking…what are the odds Ten will bump it to 9:30pm and play something else on Monday nights?

  5. Undercover Boss is so dull.I let my mum watch it and on the other TV in our home watched the politically incorrect SBS offerings so I would not be bored to tears.

    Off the topic a little I wouldn’t be watching the SBS rubbish if they kept Good News Week on at 8:30pm like they used to do

  6. Please TEN bring back Good News Week, I refuse to watch or speak of that other show.

    How late starting was Body Of Proof on Seven, I added lots of time to my PVR and was lucky to catch the ending. Also why was Nine and WIN out of sync again, shows like The Mentalist starting 30 min later on WIN. It was in the EPG but still why the confusion for viewers? Wouldn’t it affect the ratings?

  7. @Natasha

    Im sick of the hosts. I havnt watched a single ep of this Junior Masterchef, and prior to this I had pretty much watched the entire seasons 1, 2 and 3 and also the lame celebrity version and last years junior version. Garry’s OTT fake excitement in his voice, George’s constant bouncing and cheesy puns, Matt Prestons overacting (especially the breaking of the dish and saying it was disgusting…ly good) have all contributed to be major turn offs for me, hence Im not interested anymore and wont be watching season 4 either. Matt Mornans arrogance mug doesnt help either. Initially I found the hosts to be endearing, now they are just annoying.

  8. The World Game was great except that they went yapping about the A-League for too long and forgot about the EPL action over the weekend. Very poor SBS, they should get a reprimand from Les Murray.

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