Monday night’s big Big Bang

Premiere episodes of The Big Bang Theory paid off for Nine last night, enough to topple The X Factor.

Premiere episodes of The Big Bang Theory paid off for Nine last night, pulling in excellent figures of 1.6m and 1.5m viewers.

That was enough to topple The X Factor on Seven which averaged 1.31m across it’s nearly two hour broadcast.

Caught in the crossfire was Junior MasterChef on 843,000, followed by 7:30 / Australian Story (744,000 / 819,000) and William Shatner’s Weird or What (146,000).

At 8:30pm while The X Factor continued, The Mentalist was 1.13m, followed by Undercover Boss Australia (795,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (767,000 / 715,000) and Swift & Shift Couriers, which was SBS’ strongest performer on 297,000.

Body Of Proof (924,000) won at 9:30pm over CSI: Miami (704,000), Q & A (661,000) and Law and Order: SVU (409,000).

Heartbeat was the top-rated multichannel show on 305,000.

Seven won the night.

Week 42

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  1. Well technically they could show a double ep next week as 4 have aired in the US this season.

    So in some places we’ll get TBBT at 7pm(rerun), 7:30(new) and then 8pm(rerun), that’s not confusing.

    Please Nine show some other sitcoms, bring back the Emmy wining Melissa in Mike and Molly or any of the other sitcoms slowly gathering dust on the shelf.

  2. @tmorgan, I don’t watch CSI Miami in full, but I like to watch the start to see David Caruso look down, take his sunnies off, and slowly lift his squinty-eyed head to say some dead-pan serious dialogue. Does he realise how stupid he looks?!

  3. I took time to watch Masterchef but it did start to grate because I found myself rooting for some people to lose, not win. My wife watches Junior Masterchef and I see it every now again but the other night when the ankle biters were let loose in The Summit finished it for me. They have got to be joking!

  4. Nine had a really good night winning the night in primary channels (Go and Gem didn’t do so well giving Seven the night). Big Bang was funnier than ever and The Mentalist and CSI Miami were great and ratings were up compared to last week. Big Bang even won at 7pm. I find ABC News the only 7pm show worth watching. Home and Away is not as good anymore.

    Swift and Shift Couriers is a great comedy on SBS which I enjoy and you can get the dvds at JB HIFI. Its strange how SBS release shows on dvd before they finish on tv.

    I enjoy Junior Masterchef and have to record due to clashes. It was up compared to last Monday by a bit and Undercover Boss improved too.

    Cannot bother with ch 7 except for Rafters at present.

  5. I stumbled on to Swift & Shift by chance last night, the pvr is now set so that I don’t miss it ever again.

    How absolutely homophobic, zenophobic, tasteless, vile, rude, inapropriate, bigoted and rascist it is but every one cops it, no one is spared !

    Funny stuff.

  6. good on them.I went back to watching these big bang theory episodes last night and had a good laugh.You only have to look at the garbage that Home and Away has turned into to want to switch over to the alternatives such as this or 7pm project even if you hate the fact it’s on the Eddie Everywhere Network here in Australia.

  7. Ten have got to be worried about Mastechef. The main series was average and people don’t seem to be showing much interest in Junior Mastchef. After The Renovators flopped you’ve got to wonder if James Warburton is having second thoughts.

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