New audio channels for Foxtel

Foxtel is planning to relaunch its audio channels on Air.

So far the 30 channels have included genres such as Pop, Groove, Rock, Jukebox, Retro, Chart Countdown, Urban, Dance, Soul, Easy, Lounge, Soundtrack, Light Classical and more.

The new line-up will include an ARIA Charts Channel.

But despite the association with ARIA there are no plans for next month’s ARIA Awards, still without an official television home.

Foxtel launches its 2012 Programming Line-Up next week.


  1. @Joe: Or they could be throwing the 10 ex-SelecTunes channels up there. They were completely different to the AIR offering and also came from the same source – Satellite Music Australia (SMA).

  2. I listen to the audio channel’s quite often, my favourite is the 80’s channel but enjoy Hits and the country channel’s also. I hope that the currently selection isn’t changed as I enjoy this option.

  3. i hope to god they dont discontinue any of the current offering, love each of them in their own special way, i actually sleep to the air suite of channels as i go directly to the channel number and the screen goes to black and doesnt disturb me.

  4. Bill: That’s not a completely correct statement. There are new unannounced channels coming in addition to the AIR revamp. As I said there is a launch next week, so we’ll have to wait for the full suite etc.

  5. I listen to the audio channels all the time. Sometimes it’s just easier to do that than turning to my own collection or streaming. I’m hoping that these supposed new channels don’t replace some of my more “niche” favourites.

    Jeremy – the audio channels have been in place for a number of years.

  6. @rick lomez
    I often have channel 858 (Alt-Rock) on in the background while I’m doing stuff around the house. As a metal fan, it’s not like I can chuck on Channel V or MTV and expect to hear any music I like.

  7. Austar are still to reveive channels 25-30 (as well as having a different interface which is very outdated), and now more are launching. Hopefully the merger goes through as the amount Austar subscribers are missing out on is rediculous!

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