GO! storms Sunday

GO! hit a share of 8.7% thanks to Big Bang and the movie 2012, helping Nine Network to win Sunday.

The power of multichannels showed their force on Sunday night with GO! hitting a share of 8.7% -more than both SBS channels combined.

Without Underbelly, viewers appeared to be looking around for alternative viewing. The Big Bang Theory stumped up with 423,000 viewers while GO’s premiere movie 2012 was 409,000.

The top show for Sunday was Sunday Night (1.3m) viewers with Seven’s next best being Seven News (1.18m), Wild Boys (896,000), and winning their slots were Bones (701,000) and Castle (572,000).

Nine only led at 7:30pm with 60 Minutes (1.26m) followed by Frozen Planet (1.00m), Nine News (998,000), CSI (682,000) and Person of Interest (469,000).

Junior MasterChef‘s last stand at Disneyland lifted slightly to 856,000 for TEN with Merlin (751,000), Terra Nova (692,000) and Ringer (294,000). TEN News was 574,000 and coverage of the Australian Open Golf was 491,000.

On ABC1 it was ABC News (770,000), Restoration Home (754,000) and The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (518,000).

The Bible: A History (276,000) was tops for SBS ONE with Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon on 182,000 and JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America on 160,000.

Thanks to strong numbers on GO!, Nine Network won with 30.6% over Seven 28.2%, TEN 21.8%, ABC 14.3% and SBS 5.1%.

Sunday 13 November 2011

TEN News

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  1. @ NJK…yeah it felt like it, even more so in the final ‘hour’….I always use the add breaks to do stuff…get a drink etc..the final hour of this film was just mental…

    @ Kenny….I don’t blame you for dumping the tv ads, they really are a waste of time & money

  2. @ Jezza – looking at 2012’s actual running time, it looks like you’d have been subjected to almost 50 minutes of ads for a single movie last night. Guess that’s what PVRs were invented for huh?

  3. @Jezza (the first original one) – Dead right. Local Wollongong stations WIN, Prime, SCTEN, know why we stopped advertising on TV. Far too many commercials. Ads lost amongst the clutter. Audience being canabalised by 15 channels compared to the original 5. Quality of ads appaling. Hit the “mute” button now whenever a screaming Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Good Guys, etc., etc. start.

  4. 2012 started at 8.30pm which was great and in the first hour or so there were not too many adverts. However the final 30 minutes of the film seemed to last for 90 as it was rammed with adverts every 10 seconds. Complete nightmare, got p*ssed off and went to bed, I will not bother next week….Note to advertisers, I was so tired by the end, that I cannot remember who was advertising what, so your money was well wasted….

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