Julia Morris wins Celebrity Apprentice 2011

Julia Morris has won Celebrity Apprentice.

She defeated Team Ignite team-mate  Jason Coleman.

Morris won $100,000 for her chosen charity, National Breast Foundation but asked Mark Bouris to split the money with Coleman’s charity, the Song Room.

Team Unity’s Jesinta Campbell and Shane Crawford lost the final challenge after failing to include a phone number for Bouris’ finance company Yellow Brick Road on their printed materials.

Morris later said, “The Celebrity Apprentice was one of the most fun, exhausting, rewarding, confronting, insane and profoundly positive life-changing experiences I have ever had.

“I dedicate this win to my childhood friend, the glorious Sarah Kong, who lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year. I know Sarah would have laughed non-stop at the ongoing silliness on the show and been blown away by the amount of money Mr Bouris and the rest of the cast helped me raise.

“Over $160,000 has been handed over to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, who will use the money for research to help rid the planet of this disgusting disease that is stealing the lives of our friends and family.”

The final episode also included heated exchanges between Deni Hines and Jesinta Campbell including boss Mark Bouris accusing her of derailing her team and a prize for charity.

But in a surprising twist Hines talked up Campbell’s skills as “one to watch.” It may have been too little too late for the singer who has endured an avalanche of criticism following her outbursts in the series.

The Nine series has proven to be a hit for Nine and made significant impacts to the way audiences resonate with their “brand.”

Nine followed the finale with a trailer for 2012 including with Celebrity Apprentice already in the mix.


  1. Well done to Julia and what a great thing she did giving half to Jason. I agree it should have been the final 2. It looked stupid when Jason was on the winning team but had to sit there and watch Julia get the money. But Im glad he got some.

    Julia said this morning the good thing about Deni was she told you to your face if she had anissue with you. It funny though how she then tried to talk up Jesinta and tell Mr Bouris how good she is.

  2. Julia Morris says in todays Herald sun, that she thinks the Deni haters are a Racist lynch mob, and that it may have to do with the colour of her skin. I couldnt care less what colour she is, she was a selfish, rude and mean cow, and thats why i didnt like her. Julia you are a dill!

  3. Agree about having a normal Apprentice. I don’t give a damn about very very minor celebs winning money for charity. It is only good when the people are actually trying to get somewhere in life, the celeb version has basically no stakes, so for me that equals boring, especially with the fact you know the producers are pulling even more strings than usual.

  4. i rarely watch channel 9 these days and love the US & UK versions, but was surprised to find i loved every minute of this series and couldn’t wait to see the next episode. however the final board room was quite a let down. i was expecting one of the four to be fired and then the final 3 battle it out. it would have been nice for mr bouris to say why the runner up had lost instead of just announcing the winner. deni just proved in the boardroom what a psycho she really is even with her turn around. perhaps a last ditch attempt to save face

  5. Well Done To Julia.You played well.Shane you were right up there as well.I loved Deni’s antics she just loved stirring the pot.Great fun to watch.Well Done Channel 9 for this show one of the best reality shows in a long time

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