Ratings race nearly run but ABC1 is not quite done

Doc Martin managed to outstrip anything shown on Nine and TEN all week while Seven chalks up 39 out of 40 weeks in Total People.

Just before we shut the gate on the ratings for 2011, ABC1 goes and springs a surprise on us all by grabbing four places in the week’s top 20 shows.

By comparison TEN had nothing in the Top 30 shows.

Doc Martin managed to outstrip anything shown on Nine and TEN all week with an impressive 1.357m viewers on Saturday. ABC’s other top shows were Gruen Planet (1.16m), Spicks and Specks (1.08m) and ABC News (Saturday 1.02m, weeknights: 814,000). Next were The Hamster Wheel (890,000), and The Slap (830,000).

But it was another win for Seven in Total People, now sitting at 39 of 40 weeks. The X Factor was the week’s top show (Tues: 1.51m, Mon: 1.41m) followed by Sunday Night (1.3m), Seven News (Sun: 1.18m, Sat: 1.12m, weeknights: 1.1m), Better Homes and Gardens (1.04m), Beauty and the Geek Australia (1.02m) and Today Tonight (1.00m).

The Big Bang Theory was Nine’s strongest show with 1.354m viewers, followed by Celebrity Apprentice (Challenge: 1.28m, Challenge Two: 1.12m, Mon: 1.07m, Wed / Tue: 1.00m), 60 Minutes (1.25m), Frozen Planet (1.00m), and Nine News (Sun: 1.00m, weeknights: 995,000).

NCIS: LA was best for TEN with 877,000 then Junior MasterChef (Sun: 853,000, Tues: 711,000, Mon: 603,000), NCIS (793,000), Merlin (751,000), Terra Nova (699,000) and Glee (684,000).

The Bible: A History topped SBS ONE with 281,000 followed by Housos (277,000), Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (275,000) and One Born Every Minute (272,000).

Seven Network won Week 47 with 29.6% over Nine 27.4%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 5.6%.

In Primary Channels, Seven was 21.4%, Nine 18.8%, ABC1 14.3%, TEN 12.9% and SBS ONE 4.8%.

In Multichannels GO! won with 5.3%, then 7TWO 4.9%, ELEVEN 3.9%, 7mate and GEM tied on 3.3%, ABC2 was 2.5%, ONE 2.2%, ABC News 24 and SBS TWO tied on 0.8% and ABC3 was 0.7%.

Nine won all key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won all cities except Melbourne which fell to Nine.

Seven was first on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Nine winning Sunday and Wednesday. ABC again beat TEN on four nights, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. ABC1 was the top Primary Channel on Saturday.

This is the final week of survey ratings for 2011.

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  1. @tmorgan – “GO! once again the Number One Multichannel”

    Last Sunday GO! programmed a big blockbuster movie (2012), it got them a big head start, allowing them to win the week in multichannels.

    Programming big premiere movies like that on a multichannel can’t be all that financially viable can it? i.e. It’s audience share, bought and paid for.

    Anyone know how much a night like that would have cost to program?

  2. To Nine, Ten and ABC (and especially you Ten), lift your game for 2012, especially now that OZTAM is now adding digital channel ratings onto the regular ratings. We need to restore the balance, since no matter what shows rated, Seven wins when you add 7Two and 7Mate’s ratings on to the 5 cap city figure.

    Also, Seven has strayed from it’s “Heartland Australia” image. It’s now like Nine, but with a different Kerry running it. And now with the power of the recent Seven West merger, it would be difficult for Seven to be stopped (unless I could go back in time and disrupt the merger meeting.)

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more GuanoLad. And could someone tell me the difference between Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor? Neither of which I watch. I’m soooooo over screaming audiences … and fake sounding laugh tracks on American comedies. Which doesn’t leave me a lot to watch really.

    And what happened to the annual last few weeks of ratings bonanza, when they pile in lots of goodies to put us in a good mood for the next 3 months? Nuthin’, zip, bugger all.

    Library here I come !

  4. Good to see abc giving it to the other networks the gabage they have put on this year they deserve nothing.Abc good programs and and start on time every year they just keep moving up the ratings.

  5. @tmorgan

    Well why is it that the media is reporting this has never been done since ratings has been introduced then? If you are going on what wikipedia says then don’t trust that. Even i could go in and change it.

    David do you know if this is in fact correct? Did 9 win 40/40 in 2003?

    Next year there will be little competition between Seven and Nine. Nine will rise 1.2% i am thinking due to having the Olympics but as they stand right now Seven is 4.6% ahead of the competition overall with 1 week left and Nine won’t be making that many inroads in 2012. There is a lot of variables in play like these new shows could all go belly up. I still believe Seven will stand above the rest in 2012. There is no reason for them not to be. Look at the schedule they have at the moment against Nine and TEN and they are doing it with ease. I don’t think there will be any moves any time soon. We will see.

  6. I agree Nine doesn’t deserve it’s success. The Block and Celebrity Apprentice are woeful, but have sadly rated extremely well. And endless repeats of Big Bang is just lazy programming, but they know they can get away with it. For how long we’ll see, cos I see it going down the same road as 2.5 Men and start to faulter.

    As for Ten I think they deserve everything they get. They have screwed over every single show that had success for them.Their own fault. Modern Family, Glee, Your Gen, Masterchef, Renovators, all rating terribly because of programming decisions. Now they screw over NCIS this week. It’s not the shows that are bad, it’s Ten’s programmers. People won’t put up with their crap anymore and by crap I mean cosntant changing of days/timeslots, endless repeats rotated with new eps, late starts. R.I.P. Ten.

  7. @GuanoLad,
    TEN has relied too much on the same cookie-cutter reality format for the past 6 months+. First Masterchef, then Reno-floppers, then Junior Masterflop. No wonder audiences are deserting them in droves.

    In other news, GO! once again the Number One Multichannel, and with its target demo more coverted than 7TWO’s, Nine’s execs are probably licking their lips. Nine also won Melbourne but no Sydney? That’s a change.
    39/40- Almost there Seven. Last time there was a clean-sweep of all 40 weeks I recall was back in 2003, when Nine was ‘Still the One.” Next year maybe there will be a little more competition???

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