Weekend Sunrise (almost) hits refresh

Seven’s Weekend Sunrise hits the refresh button from today, and as revealed by TV Tonight, takes a more serious tone than before.

Newspaper editors from around the country will be grilled about why they covered stories in a particular way along with a panel of journalists to discuss stories of the week.

“I don’t want it to be Media Watch but I want some genuine accountability, I want to hear from these guys about why they do things,” Producer Adam Boland told The West Australian.

Presenters Andrew O’Keefe and Samantha Armytage will have bigger roles and hit the road to film stories, while James Tobin’s role has been expanded to include social media updates from Twitter, Facebook and email.

George Houvardas (Packed to the Rafters) and Shae Brewster (Saturday Disney) will give a round-up of the weekend’s events on Saturdays.

Sports presenter Simon Reeve (Beyond 2000) will also look at the latest apps. Melbourne indie band Set Sail will perform.

Boland is also on the look out for nannas, to make sure the voice of the elderly is heard on national TV.

It airs 7-9am today and 7-10am tomorrow.

Updated: In an ironic twist of fate, today’s show did not broadcast. Adam Boland told TV Tonight: Server crash meant we couldn’t get to air. Haven’t seen anything like it before. We couldn’t even access stuff already cut to run off tape back-up. Techs in London had to be called to work through it. Anyway, back tomorrow. Sincere apologies.


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