Dannii in Seven’s latest promo

Seven’s new 2012 promo, accompanied by Guy Sebastian singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” is as good as confirming Dannii Minogue is back for “new Australia’s Got Talent.”

Until now it hasn’t been clear whether UK commitments would preclude her from the show. The clip also includes Brian McFadden, Kyle Sandilands and Grant Denyer.

Dancing with the Stars host Daniel Macpherson appears solo, given Sonia Kruger has since been confirmed as a Nine presenter.

Andrew O’Keefe is there hosting Deal or No Deal –how does this fit with his recent comments that hosting the show is “tiring and taxing and lonely?”

Seven has also managed to get some US talent into their promo including stars from Revenge, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy.



  1. I wonder what all the women in this clip really think about working with Kyle Sandilands. I’d like to see their faces if he insulted them the way he insulted journalist Alison Stephenson. He called her a “fat sl*g” ” a “piece of sh*t” and said “I’ll hunt you down” He also thought that interviewing a 14 year old rape victim would make for good entertainment. In this promo they left him out of the shot with Dannii Minogue and Brian McFadden because the heat is still on Sandilands. But of course he’ll be back next year because channel 7, Danni Minogue and the other women in this clip don’t seem to have a problem working with somebody who has a very low opinion of women. I’m sure they all preach that what he said is not OK and that his comments promote a culture where violence against women is OK and that means they are quite obviously hypocrites.

  2. So David, Andrew O’Keefe hinted Deal or No Deal was getting axed or just a new host. Deal is in Seven’s 2012 promo with O’Keefe as host. What’s going on?? I was getting excited about Andrew doing a variety show!!

  3. Can’t believe 7 are still using the “Gottaloveit” tagline with that TV character – the old “one to watch” stuff was much nicer and wasn’t around as long!

  4. There are some other promos on YouTube. They promote shows such as “MKR”; “Good Christian Bit%$es”; “Please marry My Boy” etc…

    TEN seems to promote everything as a separate program. “The Biggest Looser”; “Young Talent Time”; “The Graham Norton Show”. MasterChef also gets a separate look in, usually close to air date.

    Seven and Nine do a much better job.

  5. That footage of Dannii has been recycled from last years promos, so not necessarily. Though it would seem likely that she will return given how prominently she features.

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