“Evil” Muppets accused of brainwashing kids

FOX Business Network reckons the Muppets are bad because their movie has an oil baron as a villain. Seriously.

It’s days like this you can be grateful there’s a thing called the Pacific Ocean separating us from America. Or at least from FOX Business Network.

On finance show Follow the Money they got stuck into the new Muppets movie because it depicts an oil baron Tex Richman as a baddie.

“Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to kind of brainwash our kids?” asked Eric Bolling.

“We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?”

Whaaaa? But wait there’s more.

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center replied, “It’s amazing how far the left will go just to stop – to manipulate your kids to convince them – to give them the anti-corporate message.”

The next guest Andrea Tantaros got stuck into them because there was a hungry Muppet when there are starving Americans.

“It’s brainwashing in the most obvious form, right? I just wish liberals could leave little kids alone,” she said.

That was enough to set off a debate online and in media including The Washington Post, the New York Daily News, MSNBC, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Weekly and the Huffington Post.

Villains in kid’s storytelling date back long before FOX Business Network came along. And where does this leave The Simpsons Montgomery Burns?

Bad Muppets. Bad.

It’s probably a good movie though.


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  1. @Mike – haha. I think that it is ironic that a nation of people who seem to mostly have trouble understanding what irony is, liberally applies the phrase “land of the free” to itself when they are one of the least free, both in terms of personal freedoms (other than useful stuff like being able to carry a gun in public), or the cost of things that are free in most western democracies.

    The only real freedom that appears to be universally accepted over there is the freedom to go into business and screw over people less powerful/rich than you.

  2. It’s becoming a tired mantra of American conservatives (and some of their Australian cousins), to claim Hollywood is brainwashing their kids. Viz:


    Honestly, when so much of the American Right is made up of evangelical religious nuts, the sheer hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  3. we really need a muppet version of ‘Wall Street’ with a puppet Gordon Gekko doing the ‘greed is good’ speech & Charlie Sheen as guest human, why? because crazier than this conspiracy theory that Fox dreamed up and because i’m drunk…

  4. As Joseph Goebbels said (paraphased) if you make people believe a falsehood with enough passion, they’ll never be able to let the idea go. And that’s why “Fox News” exists, to spread lies and make it’s viewers believe them with a passion. I’m surprised “Fox News” isn’t calling for The Muppets to be cruxified.

  5. This is why it was right of the govt to not let Sky have the Australia Network contract. Yes I know that News Ltd only own 39% of one third, but they have been shown to exert an influence greater than simple shares would suggest, such as when Rupert Murdoch appointed his son James to CEO of BSkyB in 2003 and then as his replacement this year, when he stepped down during the phone hacking scandal.

  6. How I would have loved it if the villain happened to be an Australian Media Baron.Faux News would have liked it if the villain was a hard worker who had starving children .The right wing are always so supersensitive and hate criticism of any sort, but boy can they dish out crticism that is often paranoid and delusional.
    I wonder if Faux news are sticking up for the Koch Brothers, who happen to be oil billionaires and control the Republican Party policy on everything from global warming to the Tea Party

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