Filming wraps on Brothers in Arms

Check out the easy-riding Callan Mulvey in TEN's upcoming drama series Brothers in Arms.

Check out the easy-riding Callan Mulvey in TEN’s upcoming drama series Brothers in Arms.

The former Rush star joins a formidable line-up of tough guys in recreating the 1984 bikie massacre in Sydney.

They include Matthew Nable (Killer Elite, 33Postcards, East West 101), Anthony Hayes (The Slap, Burning Man, Animal Kingdom), Todd Lasance (The Great Mint Swindle, Crownies, Cloudstreet, Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here), Luke Ford (Red Dog, Animal Kingdom, The Black Balloon), Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Underbelly: Razor, Sea Patrol, Blue Heelers, Something In The Air), Damian Walshe-Howling (Terra Nova, The Reef, Underbelly), Nathaniel Dean (Wild Boys, Rush, Satisfaction, Underbelly), and Luke Hemsworth (Tangle, Neighbours, Satisfaction.)

They will be joined by Susie Porter (East West 101, The Jesters, Sisters of War, My Place) and Maeve Dermody (Paper Giants, Griff The Invisible, Beautiful Kate).

The six part drama series recently finished filming in Sydney.

It tells the true story of Fathers Day 1984, when two motorcycle clubs – the Bandidos and the Comancheros – went to war at a public swap meet. After a brief but violent battle, seven people had been shot dead, including a 14 year old innocent bystander, and some forty other club members needed hospitalisation.

TEN Executive Producer Rick Maier says: “There is obviously a great responsibility to tell a story like this truthfully, respectfully and with conviction – so we felt very privileged to see this outstanding ensemble come together. This was a complex shoot and we think that across the board they have delivered the performance of their careers.”

Based on the book by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey, Brothers in Arms is written by Greg Haddrick (Crownies, Underbelly, The Society Murders, My Husband My Killer, MDA), Roger Simpson (Satisfaction, Stingers, Halifax fp, Good Guys, Bad Guys) and Jo Martino (Satisfaction, Winners & Losers, Carla Cametti PD, Stingers). It is directed by Peter Andrikidis (The Straits, Killing Time, East West 101, Underbelly, Jessica, My Husband My Killer).

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  1. I wonder did you have any qualms or questions about the content of this book, how some of the characters / people were portrayed in this book.? !
    Did you at anytime give consideration to how what is printed or produced for screen impacts on peoples lives ?

    I feel you have confirmed exactly what my sentiments reflect in my comments. It would appear that you adhere to a double standard policy.

    I am not interested debating this matter further with you David I have made my point of view very clear, wether you publish this or not is entirely up to you.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Actually I’ve previously filed stories on how victims of crimes have reacted to true crime dramas. But no, I haven’t questioned the contents of a book given I am not running a blog about novels but television. I’m not sure whether your issue with the dramatisation is aimed at the authors, producers TEN or me. But for the record I have no involvement in the project and will make up my mind on the miniseries once I get to see it.

  2. Shame on the Writers & producers….
    I am a counsellor.
    I have no time or respect for parasites who make money out of other peoples grief and misery. ( this is like the rehasing of the Anita Cobby, tragedy) For god sake give people the opportunity to have some peace in their lives.
    These writers are not interested in the truth; it will be biased and dramatised for effect. What drives these writers is their financial greed and the fact that they have no original thoughts of their own. Where are your ethics..?
    When do you think the victims of this tragic event will have had enough exposure; (parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters) you continue to remind them of their pain and loss? How many times do they need to relive this event. You open them and their pain up to people with nothing better to do, people with no common sense who make judgements based on fictionnal accounts of the events. You place these victims in a position of reliving what you are obviously incapable of understanding. This significantly affects these victims and their families lives. I see these writers as amoral, with no decency, no empathy for anothers suffering. Shame on all of you for being a part of this terrible event and for prolonging what is best forgotten. This is a mark of shame on you the writers for which you will bear responsibility for your lack of humanity.

  3. I would like to watch this, cos it sounds like a great cast especially Callan Mulvey, but i got no time for bikies. Childish thugs. Was a shooting just yesterday in Adelaide inside a crowded cafe. Not interested in seeing these losers glorified for a tv show.

  4. The two things that strike me about this series are i) it could easily be an Underbelly telemovie/spinoff and ii) the amount of recycled actors in Australian drama shows these days is ridiculous.

  5. Great to see this book still having an impact. I interviewed the two authors back when it came out, on 3CR. They were lovely women, had put a lot of unpaid time into their project, and were doing something that, at the time, wasn’t on the mainstream agenda.

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