Julia Morris for The Circle?

Julia Morris would be a pretty perfect solution to the vacancies on The Circle.

After her rise in Celebrity Apprentice Australia, the comedienne is today tipped to be making the switch from Nine to TEN.

The Circle will be without both Chrissie Swan and Denise Drysdale next year.

Jane Kennedy, whom many readers tipped as a good choice was reportedly considered but couldn’t come to an agreement with TEN. Even Nine’s Livinia Nixon is also on the rumour list.

A TEN spokeswoman told the Herald Sun no decisions had been made.

“It’s really too early to say,” she said. “We are certainly looking for another person to sit on the couch with Yumi and Gorgi in 2012.”

Does this also mean the show will settle on three regulars, possible with a rotating fourth guest host. Makes sense from here.

Meanwhile last month Julia Morris told TV Tonight she would be spending the next 12 months with her family in Australia to maximise from renewed interest.

“Every single network has been on the phone, and I’m like ‘When did mummy come back into fashion?’ You could barely get a bloody raised eyebrow (before) then all of a sudden I’m like, ‘Oh really…?’”

“I told Channel Nine I’d host everything next year –the News, A Current Affair, everything!

“Just spread more rumours about how I’m being hired for everything! Make everyone nervous! I’m going to be Ryan Seacrest by the end of the week.”


  1. If anyone here follows Julia or Chrissie on Twitter you’ll see that they’ve twatted each other about this already – just rumors – (for now…?)

    And yes I’d love to see Julia hosting ACA – her rolling her eyes and taking the p*ss out of each story would make it worth watching.

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