Ray of hope for Spirited

Axed Pay TV drama Spirited has been thrown a potential lifeline from Showcase.

The Claudia Karvan drama has entered a development deal with Showcase for a third season.

A source tells TV Tonight the move “is hoped and trusted will lead to production.”

In October Foxtel owned-and-operated channel W axed the ghostly series after two seasons.

Foxtel’s Director of Television Brian Walsh said, “I feel it’s right for Spirited to go out on a high with the impossible love story of Suzy and Henry resolved in a way that’s as close to a happily ever after as was ever really possible.

But its demise triggered a fan campaign led by spirited-tv.net which called on the show to be rescued.

Spirited has also sold format rights to the US in a separate development deal.


  1. I don’t understand why it was axed, and why people think season 2 wasn’t that good – I think it’s been fantastic from go to woah and am really looking forward to a third season!

  2. I really hope that this is true too. Who cares if the second series was not as great as the first? The series as a whole is fantastic and has given Australia hope for its creativity in the drama industry.

  3. I don’t think a third series is warranted – it’s a cute idea but they’ve run out of ideas so it gets sillier which could see it really deteriorate. IMHO I think it’s better to go out on a high.

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