Report: Renovators is dead

Another bad sign for The Renovators today with a media report that suggests the show won't be returning.

Another bad sign for The Renovators today with a News Limited article that suggests the show won’t be returning.

“We’re reliably informed it’s a goner and won’t return,” it notes in part.

A spokeswoman said, “We’re looking into it – it’s not a yes or a no yet.”

So why was it a “Yes” in August, and when did it become ‘not’ a Yes?

Add up Don’t Stop Believing, Inside Out, 6:30 with George Negus and Renovators and these moves really make network launches and statements look more and more dubious. Class of 2011 is also now Class of 2012.

Seven too, committed to Wild Boys for 2012, and then reversed its decision. Nine has previously plugged titles to advertisers that just never eventuate (we’re still waiting on Episodes, promised in 2011 to be fast-tracked).

Last month Renovators was absent from a presentation to clients but TEN declined to comment.

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  1. I watched The Block for the frst time this year and liked it, a lot – but Renovators was even better. The problem with the show was the lack of personaility in the judges. Masterchef works because Gary, George and Matt P (not Matt M) are interesting, informative and entertaining. Renovators didnt work because the judges may be informative but were neither interesting nor entertaining, very bland. Of course the dip in the real estate market was the nail in the coffin for both shows.

  2. Shame. The Renovators is a good show. Far superior to The Block. The host is good, the judges are good, the idea of having 6 different properties is great. Some of the challenges were good, the white room for example I liked. But then there were pointless challenges like hanging up photo frames in a straight line. And it definitely needed to show more of the renovating. The other thing is the eliminations. It was terrible that they had a team of one, while another team had 4. And even worse when people were switched to other properties and Natalia ended up having the keys to a house she had been at for 2 weeks. They should have teams of 4. Challenges to win extra cash, prizes such as a pool etc. At the end the profit is shared by each team member with the overall winners getting a cash prize to share.

    What really hurt The Renovators though, wasn’t that it was a bad show, but the launch of the show killed it from the start. Ten’s move to slap it in the midle of Masterchef finale was a disaster. P*ssed people off who might’ve watched it, and in rage probably refused to watch it then. It’s another case of Ten doing all they can to ruin any show they have. I would like to see it back though next year.

  3. I agree. But Nine did have the first and best FTA crack at this, even going back to the Jamie Durie days – and they certainly promod the be-jesus out of it in the lead-up to airing. Renovators always had an air of “last minute mad scramble to capitalise on a perceived new boom of renovating shows (which was terribly timed given the poor state of the real estate market)”.

  4. This show never deserved to be on TV and was merely trying desperately to ride on Nine’s Block coat tails, a right royal disaster from day one. Atrocious presenting talent, confusing format, saturation coverage, unlikable contestant talent and way too long a season. Jeez, Ten, sharpen up in 2012 please.

    For once, I would like a network to actually come out and say “you know what, that was not a good decision for us. The ratings were bad, we did some things wrong, but we tried.” Much better that than some pathetic game of will they-won’t they publicity spin.

    1. Don’t agree it was trying to ride on The Block’s coat tails, especially given The Block went and added some Renovator-style challenges and raced to air ahead of TEN. Renovators had some well-produced elements, but the combination of complex gameplay, Masterchef cloning and network timing didn’t help. Think it was a case of “Keep it Simple Stupid.”

  5. That sucks =( I admit that certain aspects of the show were rediculous (e.g. The amount of challenges and barely any renovation footage) but TEN said that it would have a makeover for season 2 to be more like The Block which was a terrific idea. But to cancel it altogether sucks.

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