TEN’s Breakfast set for February 27

TEN's new morning show Breakfast will begin two weeks after the start of 2012 ratings.

TEN’s new morning show Breakfast will begin two weeks after the start of 2012 ratings according to new co-host Paul Henry.

Henry told the NZ Herald TEN’s Lachlan Murdoch has scheduled an on-air date for Monday, February 27.

“He wants me to be involved in employing the female co-host,” Henry said, “so I’m keen for a late-February start to give me some time to do that.”

The controversial host has previously said he has NZ radio commitments until March.

As part of his move to Australia, Henry was also due to front a Sunday night magazine-style show for New Zealand but sources say logistically it will be too hard and has been canned.

He is still set to appear in the TV3 panel show Would I Lie To You? potentially as host.

Breakfast, which also features Andrew Rochford, is part of TEN’s push into the morning television market and will lead into The Circle.

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  1. why do networks feel the need to copy each other. breakfast programs are already catered for…i personally would like to see ten try something completely different.
    we all saw tens ratings take a serious hit this year when it added news/current affairs to the 6pm hour as it is already catered for by Seven/Nine.

  2. I have been saying this since Ten’s upfronts: Ten needs to confirm Toasted TV’s future, before they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Ten has a advantage, that Sunrise never had: utilizing multi-channels to move content to.

    Breakfast will tank like soggy Weet-Bix, if the younger viewers, and the fans of programs on Toasted TV aren’t catered for.

  3. Like most of us, I had never heard of him before. But this guy could well be hilarious. His speech at the New Zealand 2010 New Idea People’s Choice Awards was brilliant and proves he could be a breath of fresh air to Australian TV.

  4. I hope it flops big time and as for Andrew Rochford he lost all respect from me when he stooped so low as to do commercials for those pathetic life insurance copanies if you need to be a celebrity doctor then you should not be a doctor at all

  5. “He wants me to be involved in employing the female co-host,” – really? Then why did Lachlan waste people’s time in “auditioning” Deb Knight etc. etc?
    Do we get subtitles to cover the Kiwi “fush and chups” accent.
    What’s “edgy” supposed to be? Rude and crude? Insulting and obnoxious? Thought one Kyle in the mornings was enough.

  6. Dr. Nice and the NZ version of the shock jock….not sure that will work…
    For me not a worry…I rarely watch early morning shows…

    what appears to be a Kyle clone…not sure that will work….

  7. This show is going to fail. For some reason, I can just feel it in my bones. I love watching Karl and Lisa etc more than the Sunrise crew, but, if these morning shows were to go and they bring back some of the old Aussie soaps or even better, the comedies in place of these morning shows, I’d be quite happy.

  8. I think having Paul Henry as a host could work for TEN. He’s edgy, entertaining and won’t send viewers to sleep so early in the day like Kochie.

    There’s no doubt been some controversy in his career to date, but I’m sure he’s been briefed by LKM on the new gig. He suits the 18-49 market that TEN targets.

    All these people criticising the appointment of Paul need to go back to their boring 2D lives. Maybe you should go and watch re-runs of Bert if you don’t like change.

  9. A waste of time in hiring him to front TEN’s new breakfast show, why can’t they hire Brad McEwan and Sandra Sully to co-present with Andrew Rochford…..as simple as that rather than hiring him who had history of controversey. Com’on TEN you can do better than that so get a move on.

  10. And now he’s involved in picking a female host… This really is gonna be a trainwreck. Andrew Rochford was a great choice, but i’m not going anywhere near this now. ABC News Breakfast for me.

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