Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight: Feb 8

Hillsy's back for 2012. First guests are Essie Davis, Rob Sitch, Josh Lawson and Jonathan Lynn.

Adam Hills returns with a new season of Gordon St Tonight soon.

First guests are actress Essie Davis (The Slap, Cloudstreet), soon to appear in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Rob Sitch and Josh Lawson (Any Questions for Ben?), and creator of Yes Minister Jonathan Lynn.

Music will be provided by Eagle and the Worm.

Hannah Gadsby and Dave O’Neill are also returning to the show.

AFI Award‐winner Essie Davis has become one of Australia’s most respected and acclaimed film, theatre and television actors. Essie’s most recent credits include the feature film Burning Man, and the television series The Slap, Cloudstreet and After the Deluge. Essie will soon be seen starring as Phryne Fisher in ABC1’s upcoming Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Rob Sitch is best known to some for his roles in comedy series The Hollowmen, The D‐Generation and Frontline. Others know Rob for his work as director, producer and writer of some of Australia’s greatest comedy series and films such as The Panel, Thank God You’re Here, The Castle and The Dish. Rob is joined by Josh Lawson to chat about their latest film Any Questions for Ben? Josh Lawson has become a household name due to his regular appearances on the improv comedy series Thank God You’re Here and his roles in the drama Sea Patrol, and ABC comedy The Librarians. In 2006, he made his feature film debut in BoyTown.

Award‐winning English actor, comedy writer and director Jonathan Lynn is best known for being the co‐writer of ‘80s BBC phenomenon Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. His career, which spans almost four decades, also includes writing and directing the feature films Clue, My Cousin Vinny and Nuns on the Run. Jonathan’s latest project is the stage play Yes Prime Minister and book Comedy Rules.

Melbourne 8‐piece pop group Eagle and the Worm are fast making a name for themselves, following the release of their debut album Good Times, backed up with plenty of radio play, and busy national tour schedule. Their music is described as encapsulating the iconic sounds of the great pop bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

8.30pm, Wednesday February 8 ABC1 and repeated Saturday at 7.30pm on ABC2.

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  1. Glad he is returning!
    @ Barrie-They don’t have to be high profile clebrities to be worth while. However the Eagle and the Worm are the only ones I don’t know! The others are respected, implying they are D-listers is insulting!!

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