Airdate: The Marriage Ref

Seven is finally set to wheel out The Marriage Ref, the Jerry Seinfeld-devised format that it acquired in 2009.

An Aussie production went as far as auditioning prospective candidates but was then abandoned.

The show sees celebrities giving marital advice to couples, which presumably tells us more about them than the couples themselves. And it certainly attracted some impressive names.

A second season of the US series ended last August.

Jerry Seinfeld is back for a funny and revealing comedy panel about the unpredictable and hilarious institution commonly known as marriage. Celebrities Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin and Kelly Ripa all appear as guest panellists to try and sway the Marriage Ref himself, comedian Tom Papa on two very unusual marital disputes. Kevin and Danielle Ridolfi need help deciding whether or not the couple’s dead dog should be stuffed and displayed in a shrine in their house, and the Hunters are twisted around whether a stripper pole should be the next accessory added to their boudoir.

11:05pm Wednesday February 1st.


  1. Put the marriage ref on. I watched it the other night, was hilarius. The problem with all free to air tv is they are too scared to program something a bit different. Don’t make an Australian version, esp with KAK, I def would’nt watch that.

  2. I thought the extra channels would stop the delay in programing shows like this, seriously more than 2 years late and the dump it late at night where no one will watch it. I’m not saying it’s the best show around but neither is half the crap they already show or re-run on the digital channels.

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