Former Young Talent Time team to join in the party

TEN’s new-look Young Talent Time will go before the cameras this weekend, ahead of its premiere a week later.

The reboot hosted by Rob Mills sees the return of Tina Arena as judge and former talent discovery John Foreman as Musical Director. Johnny Young is creatively involved behind the scenes.

Set to join them are many old faces from the original series, who will be jetting in from around Australia and overseas for the premiere episode. Their inclusion will echo the show’s rich history and help pass the baton to the new kids on the block.

But which YTT graduates will be there?

At last year’s 40th Anniversary Reunion interview on A Current Affair, the roll-call included Karen Knowles, Jane Scali, Phillip Gould, John Bowles, Steven Zammit, and Joey Perrone.

Debra Byrne, set to appear in Nine’s Tricky Business, and Australia’s Got Talent judge Dannii Minogue aren’t expected to appear.

Others including former contestant Denis Walter have filmed video interviews.

But will Jamie Redfern make an appearance? He did appear on a reunion for Where Are They Now?

A launch will also be held in Sydney next Thursday.


  1. To Wayne
    No they dont ‘get voted off’ that is modern reality TV contests
    The team members were there until they turned 16
    What a horrible thought !

  2. @ jonno: ‘All my Loving’ will be a continuing tradition – on the website you can see some of the videos from the auditions around the country and Rob Mills and Johnny Young were singing it, and I’m fairly sure, discussing it’s inclusion in the show.

    Hopefully it lasts beyond the 18 episodes it definitely has been given 😀

  3. Wayne,once a team member turns 16 that is when they leave.With the original YTT some left at 17 because they may not have anyone to replace them or because they where very popular and John Young didn’t want to loose them.

  4. Be nice to see some old members, I think they should have one guest star every week and take us back, I know its a new format but I really hope there are some similarities so those of us who watched the original series enjoy it, Im really looking forward to the show, also the first should have been a 2 hour so they can celebrate.

  5. If I was Jodi Lobert, I wouldn’t go back. Remember the horrible way she was treated because of her weight? I was only a child at the time, but I remember it being very controversial.

  6. @Michael… thats a shame to hear. I watched from the very start… yes I am old! But would love to think they tried to get in contact with everyone.
    In fairness some of them are fairly forgettable in the publics eye but I’m sure for them it was something they will never forget.
    If what you say is true then shame on the current producers for not trying to get in touch with each and every one of them.
    Jodi Lobert anyone? I had a huge crush on her!!!

    • There are also some YTT graduates who have repeatedly turned down previous requests to be associated, so perhaps not all were asked. I’m hearing there are certainly some prominent names fronting up.

  7. Would be lovely if 7 would let Dannii appear, Australia’s Got Talent isn’t even on screen. It won’t be the same without the biggest star of YTT

  8. @ Wayne : The way is used to work (besides the permanent cast) was that there would be a competition within each episode and the judges would give each contestant a score therefore the contestant with the highest score would win that episode and there would be a grand final at the end of the series.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    I have seen the odd ad on TV…..when scrolling around the channels….and the only resemblance to the old show, appears to be the name… me… looks more like an episode of Glee…..but I do acknowledge that times have changed…and wish them all the best.

  10. @Wayne. no one gets voted off. The team are permanent cast members, they only leave when they are 16 .. from what I understand they leave just before they turn 17.

  11. Set to join them are many old faces from the original series, who will be jetting in from around Australia and overseas for the premiere episode. Their inclusion will echo the show’s rich history and help pass the baton to the new kids on the block.

    Is this a direct quote from the 10 media release? A lot of hyperbole.

  12. Michael, don’t know where you heard that. I know someone who is working on the show and they told me that all former members have been asked and Ten have even flown some in from overseas. It’s going to be a great reunion…can’t wait!! Maybe we’ll even see them perform!

  13. @MIchael – Not all former members? They should have given invites to everyone! Not sure why they wouldn’t have, at least those who were on the show before it ended should have received invites. Sadly I can understand why Juanita can’t attend, but I’d hope everyone else has been notified.

    Former cast members with a difference somewhat that I’d also like to see pop up somewhere are Waldo the Dog and possibly Clancy the Koala. Looking at footage on Youtube it seems now they created those characters and others to provide bigger and deeper voices and so on that the performers on the show couldn’t, and rather than having a person there who wouldn’t classify as ‘young’ singing they made them into a character.

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