Nine lands “The Hoff” for Celebrity Apprentice

Nine lands a casting coup with David Hasselhoff set to be a starter when Celebrity Apprentice begins filming on Monday.

Exclusive: The Nine Network has nabbed David Hasselhoff for Celebrity Apprentice.

“The Hoff” has recently been a judge on Britain’s Got Talent but was shed from the new-look panel headed by Simon Cowell. He has also judged America’s Got Talent, but is best known for his TV work on Baywatch and Knight Rider.

Hasselhoff has been rumoured to be on the shortlist for the second season of the Nine Reality series, but TV Tonight can confirm he will be a starter when filming begins on Monday.

Grabbing “The Hoff” is a knockout casting coup by Nine, ensuring the series will attract plenty of buzz.

Other names rumored to be potentials include Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Jason Akermanis, Nikki Webster, Julie Goodwin, Mark “Chopper” Read, Kris Smith and Stephen Belafonte.

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  1. @izobel2-u r dead right about the dynamics in i’m a celebrity………our family have been watching for 11 years and love it(we r british)so possible know a lot more of the celebs-but back to the dynamics of Any celeb show, get the personalities right and the show is a winner

  2. I saw the Hoff on that show “Same Name” and thought he was lovely. Can’t wait til the next season of Celeb Apprentice. Who cares if they’re from Oz or not. I just watched I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here and although I barely new anyone I grew to like them because the dynamic between everyone was interesting..

  3. @Dan – When you are saying Stephen Belafonte is known because of his father, and by that you mean Harry Belafonte well.. that is wrong. They aren’t related. They just have the same last name. Stephen Belafonte is actually known for being a movie/tv producer in his own right, not just because of Mel B and who you thought his father was.

  4. he was a judge on britain’s got talent last year and sat there looking gormless for it’s entire run-cept for it’s finale when the newly inserted botex wouldn’t allow him to look gormless.. hope the hoff will b better out here

  5. Why do we always need to have an overseas “celebrity” in our shows? The Hoff you could class as a “celebrity” but Stephen Belafonte is only a “celebrity” by association of his wife and his father. I’ll not be watching it until he gets booted off (hopefully he’ll be the first). Surley after the success of the first show, Australian “celebrities” were clamouring to be on the show.

  6. Catherine- We should be happy that networks are coughing up to get decent names. Who cares what country they’re from. If international names are willing to come down here, it’s a massive positive not a negative. Who would you rather? Ed Phillips :S

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