Sunday shake-up on TEN

Updated: TEN is set to kick off its new-look Sunday nights on January 22nd, a full three weeks ahead of the start of official ratings.

TEN is set to kick off its new-look Sunday nights on January 22nd, a full three weeks ahead of the start of official ratings.

The revamped Young Talent Time will premiere at 6:30pm followed by new episodes of Modern Family at 7:30pm, Zooey Deschanel sitcom New Girl at 8pm and new US drama Homeland at 8:30pm.

It’s a solid line-up from TEN in a bid to get the jump on Seven and Nine -but it will have to square off against the Men’s final of the Australian Open a week later. It also reveals Sunday line-ups to rivals, who now have a chance to tweak their schedules.

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, told News Limited said the move was all about leading not following this year.

“We’ve regained our focus and this shows our confidence in our slate, as well as its depth,” he said.

“It’s the first of a few announcements we will be making.”

It’s not the first time TEN has thrown down the gauntlet at the start of the ratings year.

In 2009 it declared a full three week schedule in mid-January.

Updated: Merlin and Terra Nova will conclude next Sunday, January 15 (the latter has not yet been renewed by FOX) while It’s a Knockout ends at the special time of Friday January 20.

A second judge for Young Talent Time is still to be announced.

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  1. Putting Homeland on at 8:30 on Sunday is without doubt totally idiotic and exhibit A in the case for showing programmers are complete morons. It is on Showtime in the US and has a viewing audience of less then 1% of the US population. No matter how good the show is it will not rate above 500,000 across the 5 metro markets by the 3rd episode. I doubt the first episode will rate that high.

  2. Could it be TEN want to see how their schedule fairs up before ratings year so they can get a somewhat accurate way of determining their advertising rates? Or is that something set months in advanced.. anyone know?

    Anyway, I think it’s great that Modern Family will finally have a decent lead in. Looking forward to New Girl.

    As for the Tennis.. well those finals usually drag on for 3-4hours anyway so you’ll get to check out the new shows and flip back without missing too much. Oh and unless there’s more natural disasters on the horizon.. I doubt 60 minutes will be much competition.

  3. Yet another timeslot change for Modern Family. MF deserves so much better from Ten and deserves better ratings, but the ratings reflect Ten’s treatment. Zero interst in YTT. If it’s as bad as It’s a Knockout, well good luck to em.
    New Girl and Homeland are both excellent shows. Hope they both rate well.

  4. Its a stupid idea. Full stop. TEN you have not learnt anything. Warburton has also gone in and simply gone “We stick with the same programming strategy as past years” Yeah right mate. 3 weeks in and you will probably have one failure on your hands. I want TEN to succeed but the way they are going they are not doing anything different. Its same old same old. Sorry TEN but if Seven has Sam Stosur playing on that night and i am sure if Seven had any say whatsoever in the schedule of the Aus Open they will make sure that if Sam makes the 4th round she will be playing on that Sunday night so that would mean she starts on Day 1. So why bother TEN. You have these ideas and well they are stupid. Its still summer.

  5. @North Qld Resident: I think the difference with Entertainment Tonight is because it is syndicated across the US so could be screening across various network affiliates, it is not specifically tied to any one network so they can cover them all.

  6. This is a strong enough line up, that would have worked had they waited until Feb. In jumping the gun, they miss the audience that is still in summer mode. For something like Homeland that is dire, as i assume this one is best seen from the begining. I hope they work, as I really like this line up, but as usual this day and age, those in charge are just in too much of a hurry.

  7. A new timeslot for Modern Family again? This show has aired new episodes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays in the past six months.

    Homeland is a great show but will be too niche for Australian audiences. IMO it doesn’t hit its stride until episode 3, but by then viewers may have tuned out

  8. Why do TV execs in Australia often talk about the belief: If we see other networks produce something before we do, we must either do the same thing – have an early afternoon news bulletin at the same time – or an even earlier afternoon news bulletin, so we can beat them.

    Why can’t they (the execs) accept that in a nation with a small viewing audience not “everyone” will want to watch your news at the same time? Australia has a diverse ethnic background, surely we can see diversity in what we watch and when we watch it?

    It also amazes me that when a network drops a news program because they believe not enough people are watching their product at that time, another network starts a similar service at the same time (5pm news on 9/10 & 10.30pm news on SBS after being dropped by 10). A network even had the gall to adopt the previous network’s tagline.

    One thing I like about what I see from US networks is the people involved support and “root for” those on other networks, Case in point, Entertainment Tonight covers stories from all networks, not just the one they are on. I remember when a similar idea was tried in Australia, it failed, partly due to other networks saying: you can’t have that clip, it’s mine!

    Let’s be a nation that shares and supports one another when it comes to our media. Sharing used to be what made Australia such a great nation.

  9. why do they do this every yr? They always go against the aus open finals and do badly. Also where is the biggest loser gonna go? It was the highest rating day for biggest loser having the sunday weigh-in

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