Being Lara Bingle for TEN

First it was Brynne Edelsten for Seven. Now TEN is planning a Reality series around where-bloody-fell-are-ya Lara Bingle.

Both were participants on Dancing with the Stars last year (it’s a line-ball but Edelsten was slightly more interesting). Bingle also skated to TV infamy on Nine’s unspectacular Dancing on Ice, a show more memorable for its injuries and host Jamie Durie standing on a box.

Apparently now we’re going to cop a series called Being Lara Bingle on TEN.

Bingle told News Limited, “With my dad passing away it’s just my mum, me and my brother, just the three of us and we’re very close.

“I think the last six to eight months have been the hardest period of my life to date, with things out there about my personal life and even my weight gain,” she said.

“I’m not complaining but there has been so much scrutiny about what had gone on in my life and it has really taken its toll.

“I think this is the right time in my life for this kind of show and I can actually show the real me.”

Jessica Simpson has a lot to answer for…


  1. As you mentioned in your Revenge post: Lara’s will fail on Ten, Brynne’s will succeed on Seven.

    I still don’t think it will rate gangbusters, but then again people watch Please Marry my Boy…

  2. Actually, didn’t they already make a one-off about Rose Porteous? I think it was on Channel 9 a couple of years ago, possibly as a pilot for a potential series which thankfully never happened 🙂

  3. I fail to see how any TV executive in their right mind could actually believe we want to watch any show idolising the lives of either Lara Bingle or Brynne Edelsten. Geez peeps, get some creative input into your programming. There’s so much going on in the world today that IS interesting, fascinating, revealing, enlightening… and it sure ain’t this sort of rubbish.

  4. To be called “Which Sportsman Am I, um, “With” This Week?”
    “…and I can actually show the real me.” I thought Brendan Favola did that already.

  5. I’m struggling to imagine what the show would be about … Lara gets a leg wax … then onto her Pilates class … maybe shops at the organic vegie store before heading out to a D-list event?

    @Andrew, that lamp-post idea has merit. My letterbox also has screen presence.

  6. Someone needs to explain the concept of an April Fool’s joke to TEN, i.e. they have to be told before noon on April 1st or they just make you seem really silly.

  7. I don’t get the interest from the print media either! She has no personality and no talent and to some she looks alright and to others she looks like a duck!!

  8. I love the kardashians and will watch brynnes show. But will not be going anywhere near this. You need to be super bitchy, or super crazy, or a total bogan to hold one of these shows, lara is dull& boring, as seen on DWTS. I can think of a long list of people/couples/families that should get their own show, Lara not one of them.

  9. This is part of James Warburton’s plan for more “depth” of programming? Nothing against Lara Bingle, I don’t know her personally and I’m sure she is a lovely girl, but apart from the people that might read the magazines in the supermarket aisle, does anyone really give two hoots about her? And from past experience she hasn’t shown to have a great deal of screen presence. (As much as I despise the idea of the Edelsten project, at least she might have some comic value)

    So here’s an idea for any programmer out there. I have a lamp-post outside my house. It stands there 24/7 and gets no attention from anyone. How about making a show about that? Such a gamut of emotions to display… the lamp-post at sunrise, the lamp-post during the day, the lamp-post at night-time, the lamp-post in the rain. Ratings gold just sitting there waiting to be explored.

  10. It’s about time newspapers and magazine editors were held to account over this girl…

    I’m sure hardly anyone cares about what’s happening in her life yet it’s the print media that keeps shoving her in our face and trying to make us believe she’s worth noting..

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