Hiss the villain or get out of the kitchen

My Kitchen Rules contestant Jennifer Evans has hit out at online critics of her appearance in the Seven show.

And it’s only Week One of MKR.

“The people that go online to say bad things like that are clearly too gutless to say it to my face,”  Evans told Adelaide Advertiser.

“They stay in their little dark rooms typing anonymous comments with nothing better to do. I haven’t experienced anyone saying anything like that when they see me on the street. Most people say I make them laugh and that what I say is refreshing.”

Discounting the fact that most viewers wouldn’t be able to vent their feelings to her face for logistic reasons, this is pretty harsh.

To be clear, nobody needs to be subjected to hatred or, as previous MKR contestants have received in the past, online threats. Audience backlash did get out of hand for Deni Hines on Celebrity Apprentice however her on-air comments were also of a violent nature.

But the Seven Network has clearly painted Evans as its first MKR villain, from the moment it labelled her a “Princess.” Select editing highlights these points. There are even Twitter hashtags on screen to encourage audience dialogue.

So don’t complain when you get it.

Reality shows of this nature want us to cheer for heroes and hiss the villain, and Evans has been well cast on that score.

Most of the time the network fuels the flames.

Last night Today Tonight jumped on board with a “Princess in the Kitchen” story. Frequently when such controversies arise, the network also wheels out the main suspects on Sunrise to defend their position. It’s a marketing cycle that Seven has perfected.

Opinionated criticism for a show that is rating 1.5m viewers is also far better than apathy. Just ask The Renovators.

Maybe if we see Producers coming out to slam online comment then we’ll know they are serious.

“If I can help bring ratings to the show it can only be a good thing,” Evans said.

Which kinda sums up the whole thing.


  1. Can’t show negative footage of someone if there’s none to show.

    Unless I guess you run it in slow motion and put it to a sinister soundtrack!

    Sure, what is shown is probably only a snippet of what is filmed, but the 1% of bad behaviour brings in the ratings, not the 99% of good behaviour.

  2. No offence Miss Princess but i have more to life then sitting in front of a computer all day and bitch about it. You bring this on yourself by saying what you say. Everything that you have commented on mostly is negative. BTW if we didn’t sit in our supposed dark rooms and watch the TV you wouldn’t even be on the TV.

    Mind you i don’t use twitter only to see what people say and i can sort of see where she is coming from in that angle. Its the same for every single show on TV.

  3. at 1st I thought with the tag Princess and then showing her like a Princess this not good but she is ok she didnt lose it in the kitchen and when negative stuff was said she just copped it why all this negative stuff miserable people who haven’t got a life.

  4. Almost everything she has said, is negative. And doesn’t take negativity towards her very well. Kyle Sandilands anyone?

    Every time a dish comes out, she make a meal out of it. “Too much” “too glugy” “Too eggy”. She even felt sacred by the NZ way of greeting you. As a Pastry chef and chef I feel some of that food was not up to par, e.g, last nights Pav was well… Even the JMC kids did better! One in particular. But she could learn better when criticizing others.

  5. “It’s a marketing cycle that Seven has perfected.”

    It still surprises me that endless cross-promotions being presented as actual stories in all seriousness by the presenters actually works.
    Its pathetic and makes me cringe, wish viewers were a bit more smarter

  6. I dont see jeniffer as a villian. She doesnt sit there and bag out the meals. Yes she criticised soem of the meals but not as bad as the woman from Tassie last season or the adelaide girl from season 1. These couples in this series seem nice.

    I think in the next group its the brisbane guy that sits there and criticises everyone.

    Manu said on Sunrise that once Jennifer said yeah the 1st time everyone laughed so she went with it to laugh at herself.

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