How I Met Your Mother update

If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother then this is either good news or bad news.

Next week Seven has scheduled six episodes to air over two nights. Is it Seven’s very own Big Bang?

Monday February 12
9:30pm “Field Trip / Mystery VS. History”
When Marshall witnesses his boss’ soft approach in settling with a million-dollar company, he takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Ted takes his architecture class on a field trip and things don’t go as planned. When Ted goes on a date without researching the girl on the Internet, the gang interferes, showing Kevin that they are too involved in each other’s business. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall come to terms with finding out the sex of their baby

Wednesday February 15
9:30pm “Noretta / The Slutty Pumpkin Returns”
The gang begins to realize their romantic partner reminds them of one of their parents. Barney and Nora’s planned romantic evening is ruined by a string of bad events. Ted finally meets his mystery girl in the Slutty Pumpkin costume. Meanwhile, Barney learns he is part Canadian and Lily develops pregnancy brain.

10:30pm “Subway Wars / Architect Of Destruction” Rpt
When the gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker, she sets out to prove them wrong by racing them to a downtown restaurant to catch a glimpse of Woody Allen: the ultimate New Yorker. Ted becomes conflicted about pursuing his dream job of designing the new GNB headquarters after meeting a hot girl who’s passionate about saving the landmark building that is being torn down to make room for it.




  1. Absolutely rediculous! This show was one of Seven’s best when it first launched and now they seem to be bumping it more and more. Just let Arena buy the first-air rights and atleast they can give it the proper treatment (with it currently airing HIMYM at 7:30pm week nights).

  2. Yes A. you really do need a PVR, once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it, you can get 2 tuner ones, you can even get ones that will record 4 channels at once but they can only be from 2 networks (so 1 tuner does 7 and 7mate and the other tuner does 10 and 11 for example, can’t do 7, 9 and 10 though which is what I thought when I first read these existed.) I don’t watch anything live anymore.

  3. Pretty sure I have seen the Woody Allen episode already. I am always so confused about what is *new* (and they seem to have those special asterisks when the programme might be new on my EPG) and what is a repeat, that I lose the will to watch some shows.

  4. The eps on 10.30 & 11.00 Wednesday are repeats. There are only 4 new ones on next week. Most likley a one off situation.

    Add on the number of HIMYM eps on 7mate, and there are as many eps as there are Big Bangs on Nine and GO! next week.

  5. Wait this is Seven right?!? Although I’m glad so far that they haven’t put something I care about against Sherlock. So will it only be 3 weeks or one?

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