Renewed: Conan

Conan has been extended through to April 2014 by US broadcaster TBS.

“We are proud to be in business with Conan O’Brien for the long run,” said Michael Wright, from TNT, TBS and TCM. “Night after night, Conan and his team have put together terrific shows that draw a young and fiercely loyal audience.”

Industry experts say that ConanĀ still makes money for TBS, despite averaging just over 1 million total viewers.

Conan airs in Australia late nights on Gem.

Source: NY Post


  1. @Trent yep. sources over here are suggesting CBS were waiting to see how long Conan got at TBS… fans of late night television – there are some lines for you to read between!

  2. Great news Conan’s the best, but how come no network still have not picked up the rights to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?, okay a lot of people still hate him, but I still like him. The Tonight Show would be a very good fit for a channel like 7mate.

  3. I wish Turner would launch a TNT channel in Australia to show the programs that are made by their U.S. counterparts that Australian networks don’t even give a chance (e.g. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Are We There Yet?, Franklin & Bash, Southland, etc.).

  4. Good on Conan, I like the show and still hate how NBC screwed him over, speaking of…

    … it amazes me is Seven (or anyone) still hasn’t picked up the rights for Leno, I’m not a fan but still like some of his interviews and for what is the to rating US talk show its weird its still not back on our screens, does NBC want too much for it?

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