Seven serves up second ratings week

Anyone for seconds? My Kitchen Rules helps Seven to another serve of 2012 ratings.

Seven has won its second week of ratings in 2012.

Seven Network finished the week with 32.3% over Nine 27.0%, TEN 18.8%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 5.0%.

My Kitchen Rules was the top rating show of the week with 1.80m viewers. The show grabbed four of the week’s top slots giving the network an unassailable position on 4 weeknights -and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. This week it finally starts eliminating couples.

Also strong for Seven were Revenge (1.80m), Packed to the Rafters (1.48m), Seven News (1.2m), The Force (1.07m) and Sunday Night (1.07m).

The Big Bang Theory topped Nine’s week at just under 1.4m followed by Nine News Sunday (1.39m), One Day Cricket (1.25m) then more Big Bang, News and Cricket.

Modern Family led TEN’s week on 1.03m, followed by New Girl (960,000), Homeland (883,000), The Biggest Loser (879,000) and NCIS (847,000).

Good to see Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries as the top rating show on ABC1 with 992,000. Although ABC News reached higher than this during the week, it’s weeknight average was 979,000. Midsomer Murders was 948,000 then New Tricks (914,000) and Grand Designs (899,000).

For SBS it was Coast (320,000), Arctic with Bruce Parry (276,000), A History of Celtic Britain (265,000) and 24 Hours in Emergency (261,000).

Seven’s primary channel was 24.9% followed by Nine 19.9%, TEN 12.9%, ABC1 12.3% and SBS ONE 4.2%.

7TWO led multichannels on 4.2%, then GO! 4.0%, ELEVEN 3.3%, 7mate 3.2%, Gem 3.1%, ABC2 2.8%, ONE 2.6%, ABC News 24 1.2%, SBS TWO 0.9% and ABC3 0.6%.

Seven won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven ranked first on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday while Nine took out Sunday and Friday. The ABC bettered TEN on Friday and Saturday.

Seven won all five metro cities.

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  1. MKR is great television, but I think the second round of instant kitchens was pointless and boring. Gone was all the spontaneity and in its place were endless little clips about how it’s all about strategy now. I think they’ve played clips of couples saying that about 300 times in the past four episodes. I’m expecting more of the same tonight. The producers need to be careful because today’s audiences are cynical and tire easily of repetition and anything predictable (exhibit a: Masterchef).

  2. Can’t wait until this round of instant kitchens is over. Ive watched MKR for all 3 seasons and ive never been as bored as i have right now…still gets me to watch though so i dont miss anything

  3. Seven have yet again flown out of the blocks. Despite what Nine has to come i just don’t see Nine making any impact what so ever. Seven won this week by over 5%. If Seven keep doing this until the middle of the year, Olympics or no Olympics Seven can’t be beaten.

    Its quite sad though when Modern Family is TEN’s only show to rate over 1m.

  4. Congratulations 7. MKR has been great this year, they have done a good job with it and the casting. Lets hope 7 win all ratings weeks this year. Some good show’s coming up on 7.
    Tricky Business – I’ll stick with PTTR
    Olympics – I’ll buy the Foxtel package
    The Voice – I’ll stick with X Factor
    🙂 🙂

    The only reason 9 (who own TV week) got Shane Bourne to do the logies last year was so people will like him and watch Tricky Business. Personally I don’t think 9 will get 5 weeks out of TB. Will end up on Go! like Excess Baggage did.

    David, Do you know or has it been announced who is hosting the Logies this year? And when are they?

  5. So, I can’t stand Modern Family, probably one of the worst first run comedies on TV at the moment. But what I find odd, it that when TEN run the commercial for Super Sunday, they mention Project, Talent, and New Girl properly, then basically brush over Modern Family. Its seems odd. They show a split second clip of it, and that’s all.

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