Soft return for ABC Wednesdays

ABC returned its Wednesday night line-up last night with Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight, Outland, At the Movies and the first Absolutely Fabulous anniversary special.

But the best it could manage was 654,000 for Ab Fab, suggesting that viewers aren’t yet aware of the refresh. Gordon Street Tonight was 587,000, Outland was 324,000 and At the Movies was 271,000. Best for ABC1 was ABC News on 891,000 and 7:30 was 631,000.

My Kitchen Rules again ruled the night with 1.45m viewers. Seven’s dominant share also included Seven News (1.11m), Today Tonight (1.01m), Home and Away (1.02m), and the movie Legally Blonde (593,000).

Nine News (1.06m) topped Nine’s evening then A Current Affair (993,000), The Big Bang Theory (544,000 / 670,000) and Excess Baggage (503,000). Bride Wars was just 366,000.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation featuring Young Talent Time was 758,000 followed by The Biggest Loser (718,000), The Good Wife (704,000), TEN News (701,000) and The Project (506,000).

On SBS ONE From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means was 228,000 and Luke Gamble’s Vet Adventures was 194,000.

Wednesday 8 February 2012


  1. I don’t mind when FTA shows brand new movies for the first time or classic movies that might now have been on for years. But re-running the same relatively new movies over and over it’s obvious they know they are not going to win that night so are just cutting their losses.

    Case in point is next Tuesday with the Rafters returning you would assume Nine would show brand new Top Gear, the Christmas special it’s been holding on to for almost 2 months but no we get The Hangover re-run, not even another TG re-run.

    The Big Bang Theory – is it me or were the numbers down a bit from the usual 800k or so for a re-run? Maybe the excessive re-runs on Nine are starting to have a negative affect as people realize they have seen it already. IMO Nine should move them to GO! and put something new on the main channel, Mr Sunshine, Episodes or Hot in Cleavland.

  2. I can understand the 366,000 for Bride Wars, i mean how many times has that movie been played on free-to-air!!?? David can you please advise as to why TV stations replay movies over and over E.g Ten – Mrs. Doubtfire etc surely they have a bigger library they can choose from At least Seven has started playing more (different) movies!

  3. THe pacing of IGST was horrible… no where near punchy enough to sustain my interest.

    Outland has potential… but I’m sensing its going to be very similar to The Book Group – just Sci Fi based.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    I loved Spicks and Specks but don’t rate IGST. It’s clumsy and, as much as he was really good on S&S, Adam Hills is too full of himself on this.

    Ab Fab was great, the 4J’s have still got it, and the cameo from Sofie Gråbøl was a treat. I’m still enjoying Burn Notice. The last couple of eps were a little flat but last night’s was almost back on track. Still requires a large suspension of reality but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  5. I’m a big fan of Wednesdays on ABC1 – I’m usually there for the whole shebang. But they won’t keep me post-Ab Fab with the current line up. IGST still looks like community access television and Outland didn’t make me laugh at all – just cringe at all the Dr Who references. I’ll switch over to something else and probably forget to come back for David & Margaret which is a pity.

  6. Bringing QI back to Wednesday might help. But then again I can understand why Aunty wants that on Friday to tag-team with their usual British crime offerings.

  7. Yawwwnnn …. IGT, Outland, ATM all made such lacklustre openings, we’d all moved on by the time AbFab was on… in fact, we didn’t even know about it… Any repeat screenings on ABC2?

  8. I had no idea that ABC had begun airing gordon street tonight. should’ve promoted the show alot more

    also great to see the cricket on GEM. Its a win-win situation with fans getting to see it in high def whilst nine continue to show BBT repeats on their main channel.

  9. It looks like a long year ahead for the Aunty. New Inventors even though it was a lower rating show still would have done ok considering. I expect ABC to drop in the ratings in 2012.

    Good night again for Seven and the scary thing is they haven’t rolled out their entire schedule. TEN did reasonable but TAYG used to get 1.3-1.5m on a Tuesday and now is half that. TEN have killed shows because of constant movement. I guess they have to start somewhere but 700k is considered good for them then that sort of is an issue. What would have Glee rated last night? Probably around the same as TAYG or even a bit higher.

  10. Outland:
    Oh dear, oh dear!
    I So wanted to like this show … but it falls somewhere between a show that gays would love and a show that Sci-Fi Geeks would love.
    Unfortunately, it seems that it comes across as Adam Richard being self indulgent or self promoting … and it pains me to say that! Not to mention the constant Doctor Who references for the benefit of the ABC …Beautifully made, directed, executed, but not worth the expense overall.

  11. Next Wednesday and for 3 weeks I doubt ABC will improve either with Sherlock starting on Nine.

    Very splintered market on Wednesday really, even if ratings aren’t high the combo of Psych/Burn notice appeals to some.Then you have Talkin’ About Your Generation/The Good Wife, MKR, New Simpsons, (last night Cricket on GEM), Heartbeat and the ABC shows, even with dual recording PVR’s it’s a tough night to work around.

    Sure some of those are only in the 100-300 K range, however it still takes viewers from other shows at some point.

  12. That’s a shame for ABC1, think their Wednesdays will struggle now. Might be an opportunity for a network to step up.

    Was also glad to hear The Morning Show beat Nine’s Morning by 50K viewers.

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