Vale: Vadim Glowna

German actor Vadim Glowna (pictured, left), who will appear in the upcoming ABC telemovies Jack Irish, has died, aged 70.

Glowna was in Australia late last year to play a principal character as a mentor and friend to Guy Pearce’s character.

The telemovies are now the final screen performance of the German character actor whose career stems back to appearing on film as a baby in 1943.

His adult career took shape from 1964 including numerous international telemovies and series including Derrick, Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, Projekt Aphrodite, Tandem, Faust, 1945, Les Misérables, A Case for Two and Borgia.

He was cast in Jack Irish following German broadcaster ZDF’s involvement in the project.

A dedication card will be added to the show’s credit sequence as a tribute.

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