Ben Roberts-Smith accepts apology from Stynes, Negus.

Yumi and George "have both since contacted me directly to apologise," says Ben Roberts-Smith.

Victorian Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith has accepted an apology from Yumi Stynes, George Negus and Channel TEN.

On Tuesday The Circle came under fire for light-hearted comments about his physique following an interview on Sunday Night.

“Initially I was a little surprised at the comments but I also understand they were not meant to be malicious in any way,” he said in a statement.

“I would like to thank the Australian public and Australian Defence Force personnel for their overwhelming support – my wife and I were extremely touched by the outpouring of support and concern.

“I have read the statements from both Yumi and George and they have both since contacted me directly to apologise for any offence caused.

“I have now put this matter behind me so I can focus on serving my country.”

TEN apologised yesterday for any offence.

“Network TEN apologises for the comments made on The Circle yesterday surrounding Victoria Cross recipient Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith. We recognise he is a highly decorated soldier, national hero and we have the utmost respect for him. We are sorry for any offence this may have caused him and sincerely echo today’s apology by The Circle,” a spokesperson said.

Stynes also apologised, saying “…I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anybody and I have total respect for people that work in the the defence forces, and I’ve never met Ben but I’m sure he’s lovely and he does seem like a big family man.’’

George Negus added, “In no way was it meant to be a comment or a reflection on Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, directly or otherwise.

“However, if my comment has unintentionally offended Ben, his family, or his ADF/SAS colleagues, obviously I am sorry.”

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  1. Yumi is dumber than a slouch hat and Negus just trying to be ‘down’ with the cool kids. An apology addresses the individual insulted and is without qualification and certainly has nothing about boyfriends

  2. Apologies were offered and accepted, which is as it should be, but the outcry absolutely dwarfs the deafening silence from the media and the public about the racist and sexist facebook group populated by defence personnel, which features comments considerably more worrisome than the ones Yumi and George made. Just saying….

  3. Knowing the Army. He would have been instructed to accept it. And Benji77.
    Seems you have underestimated the respect Australians have for their armed service men.
    Yes we aren’t as openly patrotic as the u.s. We don’t really take too many things to heart. But many Australians have always held a high level of (although very quite) respect for those in our defence forces. I think styms and negus also underestimated how we feel.

  4. ACA and Today both had a good go at The Circle and Yumi and George. Petty behaviour all around. Good luck to the guy for having all he has, and not stooping to the level to react any further. He is an exemplary human being and doing. I am surprised at Negus – but the Circle is a catty fest and it can become infectious in the banter to lose control – but ouch!! They got burned!

  5. Channel surfing last night I caught the big news on ACA. Wow, what about their “reporting” of the “issues”. Bad mouthing Yumi (saying no-one know’s who she is), and George (has let go of serious journalism) was just as bad. Saying the Circle viewership is so low (then why was it such a big deal, if no-one watched it?) and that the Circle is bascially bad attempt at current affairs…. kettle, pot, black anyone?

  6. The comments on “The Circle” were so small minded and attention seeking … why does this rediculous show still exist?? It was not even “poking fun at him”, it was just far below the dignity of people like Negus to do this.

    Although I do not agree with anyone going overseas to war, this guy is a fantastic human being who really is a hero. The comments were a very cheap shot at the wrong person.

  7. It feels like this has been a very “American” reaction (over reaction) from the Australian public.

    Australians poke fun at each other – its what we do.

    I hope we’re not loosing out sense of humour.

  8. I agree with ScottyH and 7’s marketing angle.

    And honestly, what is the world coming to..This was really blown out of proportion. I’m disgusted by the comments on the Circle’s Facebook page. Most people have been overly critical and said far worse about Yumi than what she said, which in my opinion (and as above the opinion of Ben Roberts-Smith also) had no malicious intent.

  9. I kinda wish they didn’t apologise so profusely to the general public, because they have absolutely nothing to apologise for. Roberts Smith wasn’t offended. That should have been the end of it. Apologising to “everyone who was offended” only encourage those people to be “offended” more often. I think Ricky Gervais has the right idea when it comes to handling these situations.

  10. I’m a bit perplexed at the moral high ground that Chennel 7 are taking regarding this story as they purposefully advertised their Sunday Night story around Ben’s physique. That was their main marketing angle. This ensured even more viewers. Obviously a slow story day for news.

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