Jesse Spencer, Jay Ryan cast in US pilots.

Two more former Neighbours boys, have been cast in US projects.

Jesse Spencer -who of course is well-established in the States thanks to House– has been cast in the NBC drama pilot Chicago Fire.

Deadline says Spencer has the main role in the drama, looking at the complex and heroic men and women of the Chicago Fire Department.

Spencer will play Matthew Casey, a firefighter at Firehouse 55, a natural leader who is in his element when on a rescue or putting out a fire but in his personal life, he is grappling with a recent separation from his wife.

Meanwhile Jay Ryan (Neighbours, Sea Patrol, Go Girls) has been cast in the CW’s reboot of 1980 series Beauty and the Beast. Despite his looks, Ryan will play ‘The Beast’, Vincent.


  1. Love both these guys!! Chicago fire sounds a good one, not sure about beauty and the beast tho. Why do all the hot Aussie actors end up in USA? Australia make good drama yet seems obsessed with America.

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