Sydney loves NRL

The return of NRL to Nine was the most popular show in Sydney on Thursday, but Seven again won the night.

The return of NRL to Nine was the most popular show in Sydney on Thursday at 474,000 viewers. Together with Brisbane (236,000) it totalled 710,000 in both cities.

The return of the NRL Footy Show, which followed was 362,000. In three cities Earthflight was 325,000, CSI: Miami (322,000) and CSI (300,000). Nine News was 1.09m for Nine. A Current Affair was 938,000, Big Bang (865,000).

Once again the top show for the night was My Kitchen Rules on 1.68m viewers. Seven won the night with Seven News (1.21m), Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (959,000), Grey’s Anatomy (823,000), Desperate Housewives (540,000), Private Practice (316,000), and 30 Rock (141,000).

TEN shot themselves in the foot with its belated change to its schedule with a repeat of the telemovie Hawke last night. It averaged just 154,000 viewers, well below the average for the SVU repeat it cancelled. TEN’s weeknight trend is repeatedly seeing The Biggest Loser (804,000) and TEN News (746,000) as its best for the night. Elsewhere The Project was 501,000, Law and Order: SVU (495,000), Modern Family (401,000).

ABC News again won its slot on 1.04m viewers, then 7:30 (676,000), Family Confidential (579,000), The Straits (431,000) and Whitechapel (198,000).

For SBS ONE 24 Hours in Emergency was 289,000, Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong was 194,000, Food Safari was 186,000 and Feasts was 181,000.

A Touch of Frost (293,000) led multichannels.

Thursday 1 March 2012

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  1. @ dan

    Sydney might like a “Real” football game but it doesn’t actually like going to the game very often -maybe because it’s repetitive drivel. Kick, chase, tackle, tackle, tackle, tackle, tackle, kick, maybe put a bomb up, change over. Given the limitations of the game it’s a great TV product in that all the action takes place in a small space, easily covered by cameras.

  2. Last night was an absolute joke. I can’t believe the game was delayed in Queensland. I was on the Gold Coast last night and i already knew the result before the 2nd half kicked off on Nine. Nine deserve to lose the rights because they continue to treat the game so poorly. Plus to show the games into Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth at 1am? 7mate this year is showing every game of AFL that is live on Seven into Sydney. This should be happening with the League but Nine continue to treat the sport with such disrespect. Its time for a changing of the guard. TEN or Seven need to take it now. If league stays on Nine then the game is a joke.

  3. So if NRL wasn’t live in Qld why was it still shown On 9 when it could have been on Gem or Go! Then the schedule wouldn’t have been messed up with Earthflight & Miami (the only shows I watch) since Mentalist & Harry are out!!

  4. Blazza- I’m in NSW but I agree Bris would have seen bigger numbers had it be shown live. Its 2012 now ch9, sport must be shown live. Technology means delayed coverage is like yesterday’s news. Why can’t ch9 show one fri night game live on gem concurrently with the live game on primary channel?
    Sunday game could kickoff at 4, show it live and then follow with national news.

    I really hope that ch9 lose the rights!

  5. Footy Show was on in its traditional “late” timeslot in Victoria, NRL game was after that I think.

    Surely Nine could get better numbers by showing NRL games live into Victoria, rather than splitting the viewers?

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