Who missed out on a Logie nod?

There were plenty of stars and shows who missed out on gaining a nomination at yesterday’s Logie Awards.

But amongst the high profile omissions was Angry Boys, after ABC “forgot” to submit the show for a Popular award. The show still had a shot at Most Outstanding Light Entertainment but lucked out.

The Amazing Race Australia deserved a nod in the Reality category. Nine’s hit Celebrity Apprentice also missed out here.

ABC’s acclaimed The Slap and Paper Giants missed out on a Popular Drama nomination, but are well represented otherwise. Crownies only got a nod for Hamish Michael as Best New Talent (Male).

Top-notch Pay TV drama Tangle also missed out. Killing Time and the brilliant Cloudstreet have 2 -were it not for The Slap the latter would romp home.

The outstanding Go Back To Where You Came From only has one nomination, Most Outstanding Factual -it had better win.

Other surprises included a rare nod for ONE’s iFISH, (along with Neighbours these are rare multichannel nominations), Ready Steady Cook (despite the absence of Peter Everett), and a lazy nod for Getaway which was shuffled off to Saturday arvos on Nine -are people just voting on old faves rather than a 2011 performance?

Community TV, eligible for the second year, also missed out.

Amongst a very long grouping, other shows to miss out included Rove LA, The Family, At Home with Julia, Australia’s Next Top Model, 6:30 with George Negus, Letters and Numbers, Rush, The Hamster Wheel.

TV Tonight readers were again on the money having already shown strong support for Adam Hills, Asher Keddie, Karl Stefanovic and Carrie Bickmore in the TV Tonight Awards in January. Last year readers also gave a big nod to Chrissie Swan ahead of her Gold nomination.


  1. I also hope Carrie Bickmore wins the Gold Logie. She’s been fantastic since her days on Rove and it’d be better for her to win than Karl Stefanovic or the annoying Asher Keddie

  2. Stupid that The Amazing race Australia wasn’t included, it was one of the best Australian shows of last year

    The Hamster Wheel was good but not as good as the previous stuff The Chaser have done. I found Yes We Canberra, CNNNN and the War on Everything (seasons 1 and 2) blew it out of the water

    It’d be great if The X Factor AU picked up an award or two, I love that show

    couldn’t care less about the rest, especially Angry Boys. Chris Lilley is a one trick pony

  3. The Logies like all award shows are unfair. This is the nature of all such events. This makes such shows so debatable and can garner such emotion from all sides.

    Did you know that B1 and B2 from Bananas In Pyjamas have won many Logies as a part of Play School bit their very own show has never won a Logie ever?

  4. @swosha I dont think it really matters who buys TV Week. I havent even read a copy in years but I am still able to vote for The Logies… its not brain surgery to hop online and do it.
    I actually wonder if the nominees are a better reflection of who and what people really like on the tele since there are so few tv rating boxes around.

  5. Who Does get nominated is way more shocking that who doesn’t. If Ray Meagher isn’t the most wooden actor in Australian TV drama history, I’d like to know who is. The Logies are a joke.

  6. jezza the first original one

    Don’t worry folks….all the popular categories will be decided by call centres in India as it is the cheapest way of getting a large number of votes.

    I think it is great that Hamish gets a nod but his lame anonymous sidekick who no one knows gets nothing…he he

  7. ok… lets look at what gets nominated year after year… then look at who buys the tv week, then look at how many of those people who would have the internet… at the end of the day it comes down to popularity, but i do agree with Mr.J it is weird that Sunrise gets a nomination but no one on the show, none of the morning programs got nominations either… i think the awards need an overhaul, along with how much Australian Content networks should be required to show. all that we seem to see is News, News, News and the same talent shows just with a different name.

  8. If I recall correctly, Angry Boys was neither outstanding nor popular. So it’s probably not a shock it didn’t score any nomination.

    The Getaway nomination is very odd. I reckon people are just voting by default. Because voters have to fill in all categories many will probably just tick a box just for the sake of complying and Getaway for many is probably just a familiar title. iFish probably got many default votes just by people ticking a box because they had to.

    I hope Go Back To Where You Came From wins.

  9. The awards really need a refresh, time to dump sports and lifestyle program – BH&G and TFS can just be light ent. And dump popular factual. Then ad in outstanding reality so that The Family, TAR, Conviction Kitchen can be nominated. And split presenter awards into male/female.

    I think Melissa Doyle was snubbed for gold. Interesting that people seem to vote for Karl a lot but Sunrise gets nominated instead of today.

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