Airdate: Tabatha Takes Over

Outspoken Aussie Tabatha Coffey is back and ready to dish out advice to a slew of other businesses.

Outspoken Aussie Tabatha Coffey, who rose to fame in the US on Reality series Shear Genius before hosting three seasons of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, begins a new series Tabatha Takes Over.

This time she dishes out advice to other businesses, from bakeries to a gay dance club, a yoghurt shop, doggie daycare, health spa and a B&B.

With her no-nonsense approach and skilled business direction, Tabatha takes the keys to the salons and small businesses – all teetering on the verge of collapse – and dishes out some cutting advice and savvy expertise to help turn them around.

From her home in New Jersey, Tabatha said; “People were constantly asking for my help but weren’t in the hairdressing industry, so it really was a natural progression for me to expand my takeovers into other small business.

“I believe that whatever the industry, business is business, and my no bullsh*t, common sense approach really works.”

First in Tabatha’s firing line is Jungle Red salon in Minneapolis and Club Ripples in Long Beach, California.

Jungle Red salon isn’t just a failing salon with out of control staff by day, it’s owner Suzanne Erickson’s party palace and home by night. And Club Ripples used to be hottest gay dance club in Long Beach, but now it’s empty seven nights a week. Can Tabatha bring it into the new millennium?

9.30pm Tuesday, April 10 on Arena.

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  1. I love Tabitha. She is such a brilliant personality. Yes she can be a bitch, in a good way, but the fact is its great tv. Can’t wait for this. If its anything like the last season of Tabitha’s Salon Takeover then this is going to be great.

  2. I know I’m a little bit vocal on these types of shows, and format ‘sharing’… but this show is my exception.
    Mary Queen of Shops was great, but Tabitha’s show has cattiness and those tacky Mark Burnett style slash-hook sound effects – in an environment where it works!

    Plus, she’s an Aussie. Winning.

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