Amazing Race Australia spoiler

Spoiler: TVNZ is already promoting The Amazing Race Australia with some news from the starting line...

Spoiler: TVNZ is already promoting the second season of The Amazing Race Australia as “Coming soon.”

“Join Grant Bowler, as 22 Aussies get ready to conquer the world for the second time when The Amazing Race Australia returns.

“12 teams stand ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime but only 11 will make it past the starting line.”

That either means one team is eliminated in a starting line challenge, or someone has an almighty accident before they can even get going. I’m tipping it’s the former.

Seven is promoting the show too, but there’s no start date yet with Titanic in the Wednesday timeslot next week.

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  1. That line has since been removed. It’s worth noting that their page for TAR US (tvnz2012.co.nz/detail.php?id=145) has pics of the TAR16 teams, which makes it highly plausible the blurb was copy-pasted from one they had for TAR15 (which had such a twist).

  2. Meanwhile the American Amzing Race gets bumped to 10.30 for another Titanic show.

    ***Spoiler Alert*** They hit an iceberg, the ship sinks and a lot of people die! If you are unsure of this watch the other 10,000 Titanic shows on this month!


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