Nine packs NRL / News punch in Sydney

Ratings: Nine's strategy to dovetail the NRL into its Sunday night news works a treat, but Seven still wins the night nationally.

They say that nobody is watching over Easter non-ratings, but last night Nine pulled 1.53m viewers for Nine News.

Nine’s strategy to dovetail NRL into the evening news worked a treat in Sydney, where a huge 629,000 viewers watched over 360,000 on Seven. It also won in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Despite much closer results between Seven, Nine and TEN, Seven still won the night. It managed 1.38m for Seven News, 1.18m for Sunday Night, then Border Security (933,000), The Force (932,000), Bones (749,000) and Castle (589,000).

Nine’s other results were 60 Minutes (1.07m), Easter with the Australian Women’s Weekly (784,000), The Mentalist (677,000) and Nine’s Sunday Football (581,000).  A Person of Interest replay was 313,000.

Modern Family topped TEN’s night on 1.05m followed by a strong result for The Biggest Loser (1.00m), then New Girl (907,000), TEN News (504,000), NCIS (405,000) and The Project was just 378.000.

For ABC1 it was Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide (861,000), ABC News (831,000), Waking the Dead (700,000), Fry’s Planet Word (420,000) and Compass (307,000).

Brave New World with Stephen Hawking (294,000) led SBS ONE with World News Australia on 219,000 and America Before Columbus on 209,000.

ABC2’s Timmy Time was first on multichannels with 258,000.

Sunday 1 April 2012

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  1. @ The Harp – I realise that the FTA networks make their revenue off ads and they wouldn’t be able to do like Fox Sports, but there is no excuse as to why they cannot air the Sunday afternoon game live. I’m fine with the ads if the game is live, seems though normally ads are only shown during slow periods of the game. But I refuse to watch delayed games as it’s just as easy to look up the score and read/watch the highlights. Obviously that is just me seems though it had a lot of viewers, but I’m betting the viewers would have increased if it was live (I’m guessing more in the range of 700,000-800,000 viewers).

  2. Umm, don’t nine have the right to make a buck out of broadcasting? This is a business and a free to air one at that, to suggest no ads till half time and not broadcasting at a time that makes a profit is just not living in the real world. Don’t forget a few years ago nine only broadcast one match on a Friday, and not long before that it was only an hour of highlights of the Sunday game between 630 and 730pm. Be careful what you wish for, seven and ten may be no better, if the comments from the afl boys about sevens broadcasting is anything to go by.

  3. I really loved Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide it is wonderful and informative. I’ll admit I forgot Stephen Fry was on as I would of watched it at 8.30pm. Oh well.

    @ damo

    I think the Peter Falconio “story” proved they were more into sensationalism than truthfulness. I’m glad there’s the SBS World News on instead.

  4. sunday night showed that it’s just a clone of today tonight again last night. gutter television and a gutter network. the story about the tragic death of the young ironman was disgraceful and typical of that show

  5. @ Bogues – I wasn’t aware of N.Z. getting both live, which only annoys me even more. Well how about this:
    NSW – Game 1 on Nine Live, Game 2 on GEM Live and delayed on Nine
    QLD and N.T. – Game 2 on Nine Live, Game 1 on GEM Live and delayed on Nine
    VIC, TAS, S.A. and W.A. – Game 1 live on GEM, Game 2 delayed on GEM

    @ dan – couldn’t agree more. TEN would definitely get their numbers up if they had the NRL rights now that they have lost the AFL. And they would be able to make their The Game Plan panel show more competition to The Footy Show by having a pre/post game version.

  6. @Josh777 Sky TV in New Zealand usually show both Friday night game lives, and then the alternate game there after. Would be too much common sense for Nine to do the same over here, especially now that the non NRL states get NRL on GEM too)

    I’m not too fused about Nine delaying the Sunday game by one two (two hours in Qld until last weekend). It’s not hard not to be on the Internet for two hours.

  7. I just hate how Nine delay the NRL just so they can have the viewers spill over into evening ratngs. It’s bad enough that viewers are subject to watch a live NRL game on a Friday night based on which state they live in, but delaying a game by an hour is just plain wrong. I have always said that the alternating Friday night game should be on a sister channel (e.g. NSW viewers see Sydney teams on Nine and the Queensland teams on GO!/GEM), and they are both live. Hopefully the NRL rights go to a network they care as much as Fox Sports and play all their games live (not to mention no ads till half time).

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