Revenge leads Monday for Seven

Ratings: About half the audience who watched Revenge switched off the now-controversial McDonald's documentary.

About half the audience who watched Revenge on Seven last night switched off the now-controversial McDonald’s Got Grilled documentary.

Revenge pulled 1.41m viewers as the top show for Monday, while 761,000 watched the McDonald’s special -as an unpaid primetime offering, it was a very successful result for the show and the accompanying media would have created additional awareness of the corporate message.

Seven won Monday night thanks to Seven News (1.27m), Today Tonight (1.17m). Home and Away was 934,000. Unlikely Animal Friends 2 aired in 3 cities to 550,000 people.

Nine News (1.12m) led Nine’s evening followed by The Big Bang Theory (991,000 / 970,000 / 835,000), A Current Affair (979,000), and Alcatraz (644,000). Person of Interest aired in 4 cities to 318,000.

TEN and ABC tied for third place.

The Biggest Loser (982,000) topped TEN’s night then Bondi Rescue (816,000), TEN News (715,000), NCIS: LA (620,000), and The Project (523,000). Hawaii Five-0 is still struggling, now on 391,000.

ABC News (1.11m) and Australian Story (1.03m) both won their timeslot for ABC1, followed by Four Corners (875,000), 7:30 (871,000), Media Watch (680,000), and Q & A (579,000).

James May’s Man Lab (220,000) topped SBS ONE with World News Australia on 174,000, Mythbusters on 151,000, Letters and Numbers on 131,000 and the final Danger 5 on 128,000.

Heartbeat ruled multichannels with 298,000.

Monday 2 April 2012

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  1. 7 Perth was down and just had black on Monday night for over an hour. It started about halfway through “Happy Endings” and “Sports Fever” didn’t even get shown!

    Maybe some very angry Hungry Jacks fans stormed the 7 studios!!!

  2. I think Revenge ratings are down due to school holidays & people going away! MKR might have been a good lead in, but peoples inability to change the channel is garbage! Revenge ratings could be even lower next week…& then increase after the holidays

  3. I expected about 1.4-1.5m without MKR. No doubt when Talent begins on Monday Revenge will go up again. The episodes are only going to get better and i think the audience will go up again.

  4. Well, from a purely selfish perspective, I hope Nine keep the Alcatraz+PoI double. I wouldn’t call either show great but I’m still enjoying them, they work well together, and there’s no danger of one show running over the other.

  5. Nine keeps Alcatraz as they don’t have anything else.
    Seven didn’t have a strong MKR lead-in to Revenge but still pulled 1.41m. It’s the type of program people will switch to. Doesn’t need a lead-in. Like “Dallas”, “Prisoner”, “Dynasty” etc.

  6. Channel Ten’s night programming seems to be gelling a bit better. People are getting used to the 5-7pm serious/comedic 2 hour news block.

    715,000 at 5pm is great figures for Ten, but what are people doing at 6pm? Switching over to 7 or 9? Letters and Numbers on SBS?

    The Project works well at 6pm, and leaves Ten a good spot to fill with its big reality shows. Interesting battle between The Block and Masterchef about to commence..

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