2.2m for The Voice live show spectacle

With their first Live performance of The Voice, Monday was always going to go Nine’s way and it did very convincingly.

The Voice stumped up with 2.2m viewers, not as high as earlier Blind Auditions (2.8m), but the show itself was handsomely produced and the girls had the edge over the boys last night. The staging and the arena, with the added V-Room, all fit together very neatly and the live audience was certainly in the mood. The show also worked perfectly well without the audio sweetening of cheering masses that had punctuated pre-recorded episodes.

Nine finished the night on a solid 38.7% to Seven’s 23.3% and TEN’s 17.7%.

The Voice ended at 9:42pm which meant Tricky Business premiered 12 minutes late. Its 1.16m preliminary average is expected to be adjusted to 987,000 and will later rise again with Consolidated figures. It’s a decent opening for a 9:30pm show but the real key will be seeing next week’s figures. Elsewhere for Nine, Nine News was 1.36m (nudging Seven News nationally), The Block was 1.27m and A Current Affair was 1.17m, just 2,000 behind Today Tonight and Hot Seat was 767,000.

Seven News was 1.38m for Seven then Today Tonight 1.19m, Home and Away (705,000 in three cities),  Deal or No Deal (675,000), Monday night AFL (519,000 in three cities). The Price is Right was 386,000.

Given the competition from The Voice and The Block, TEN should be very happy thankyou with the 1.04m for MasterChef. TEN News was 750,000, Bondi Vet was 588,000, NCIS was 526,000, The Project 6pm was 471,000 and NCIS: LA was 469,000.

ABC News led ABC1 with 1.07m, then Australian Story (691,000), Four Corners (632,000), Q & A (620,000), 7:30 (613,000) and Media Watch (574,000).

Mythbusters was 225,000 on SBS ONE with World News Australia on 161,000 and Letters and Numbers on 149,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 329,000.

Sunrise: 382,000
Today: 345,000
ABC News Breakfast: 33,000 / 17,000
Breakfast: 22,000

Monday 14 May 2012



  1. The publicity machine that has preceded “The Voice” has been undeniable unlike its contemporaries there seems to be no place for any criticism.
    The love fest has now run it race and if some serious constructive comments are not aired all credibility will be lost.
    The whole premise of this show eluded to “The Voice” this seems to have been discarded quite cleverly by all in sundry eluding to how great every act is without any contest.
    The young fellow in the badly fitting pink outfit was being lauded as the next Beiber after a very sub standard performance.
    They have cleverly taken the path that states if one is told by the right people enough times that something is great it just must be,Joolya needs these people to sell the carbon tax,she may even make a quid by getting viewers to ring an overpriced phone number.

  2. @steve, you’d be surprised how influential Twitter is, particularly with regards to reality shows. It is constantly monitored by the mainstream media and countless stories have had their origins in a Twitter post. You just have to consider how many celebrities have come to grief with an ill-thought out Twitter post they’ve made

    @Brekkie, that is very true about The Voice UK. Its ratings have dropped precipitously since it went to the live shows.

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