60 Minutes: May 20

Heads up all you Ab Fab fans, this Sunday night Liz Hayes catches up with the one and only Joanna Lumley.

Heads up all you Ab Fab fans, this Sunday night Liz Hayes catches up with the one and only Joanna Lumley.

The Impossible Choice
It’s the toughest choice any woman could make. You’ve tried so hard to get pregnant and suddenly you have an instant family – two, three even more little lives, a multiple pregnancy. It’s either the ultimate gift or a terrible burden. For many women, they have no choice, it would simply be too dangerous to carry all the babies full term. So they turn to a controversial and little known procedure called selective reduction where a doctor decides which foetuses to terminate. In fertility treatment it’s known as the dirty little secret. It’s a heartbreaking decision so it’s surprising then that some women actually choose selective reduction for lifestyle reasons. And a warning, parts of this story are confronting.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen

The Fall Guys
We’ve witnessed plenty of courageous and often crazy feats over the years. But in all of Charles Wooley’s time working on this program, he’s never encountered anything quite so jaw-droppingly insane as extreme kayaking. The guys who love this sport don’t so much live on the edge as throw themselves off it. They paddle their tiny kayaks over massive twenty-storey high waterfalls, reaching speeds of two hundred kilometres an hour as they plummet, nose first into the churning water below. They’ve shattered bones and broken backs. But, in their world, coming face to face with death is the only way to really live.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Danny Keens

Absolutely Fabulous
Liz Hayes wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After all, it’s hard to separate the real life Joanna Lumley from the chain-smoking, Bollinger-sodden character Patsy she plays so convincingly in “Absolutely Fabulous”. But when Liz caught up with Lumley in London what she found was a witty, self-aware and thoroughly charming woman. Although, like her famous alter ego, she is partial to the occasional glass of champers.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Sandra Clear

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Hah, I started to read the first synopsis and thought “What!? Joanna Lumleys pregnant? Multiple times!?”

    I don’t think I could stomach the style of interviewing that’s endemic on shows such as this nor sit thru the other stories waiting for this.

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