AACTAs add Best Reality TV category

The rise in Reality TV leads to the AACTA Awards giving the genre its own category for 2013.

The AACTA Awards have added a new category to acknowledge Reality Television. Previously these had to enter under Light Entertainment.

AFI | AACTA CEO, Damian Trewhella says, “The Australian Academy has created a new Award category dedicated to reality TV in response to the ongoing success and evolution of the genre. Primetime programming is frequently dominated by a plethora of Australian reality TV shows engaging extensive and often enormous audience shares.

“Reality TV now takes out six of the top 10 most watched broadcasts in the last 11 years since OzTAM began recording ratings in Australia, bumping sports broadcasts to the second most watched genre.

“The inclusion of a reality TV Award is just one example of AACTA’s commitment to being a modern, adaptive Academy which strives to reflect the changing face of local screen production through the AACTA Awards.”

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts is now calling for entries for the 2013 awards, formerly known as the AFI Awards.

Entries across all AACTA Awards categories – feature film, short animation, short fiction film, television and documentary – are now open.

The Academy is also calling for AACTA Awards jurors.

Jurors, who must be AACTA members, are screen professionals chosen from a cross-section of crafts, who come together to determine the nominees and winners for various Awards in the following categories: Feature Film Pre-Selection; Documentary; Television; Visual Effects; Young Actor; and Short Fiction Film & Short Animation.

The 2013 AACTA Awards will be held in Sydney in early 2013.

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  1. Anything that encourages reality tv has to be a bad thing!! Enough already we’re overloaded with it!!!! Give us something new,television is suppose to widen our imagination not dumb us down watching idiots trying to sing!!

  2. I’ve always thought reality was underrepresented at the logies. But it doesn’t look good as part of the AFI/ACTAA awards. I thought the point of difference these awards has was that they leave knowledge of what’s popular or rating well at the door and just recognise quality television. Reading through some of those quotes it would seem otherwise.

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