Rebel Wilson joke cut from AACTAs broadcast

Producers were wise to leave this joke on the cutting room floor.

Producers of 10’s AACTA Awards were wise to cut one joke from Rebel Wilson’s hosting gig, if a report by Nine is any measure.

After highlighting the films up for Best Film, Wilson commented on the nod for Talk to Me.

“Why is Australia so good at making horror?” she asked, before adding, “Is it because everyone had that aunt who’s had half a nose chopped off because of skin cancer?”

But the gag did not make the final broadcast.

Wilson had better luck with some other zingers, joking that the awards ceremony, dubbed Australia’s Oscars, “will be the only one serving boxed wine.

“It’ll also be the only one where people will get munted and chuck a spew in the dunny. I love Queensland… It’s like if Jetstar was a state.”

Viewers were complimentary of 10’s broadcast of the AACTAs, which in past years has been savaged for its rushed editing.

This year’s was produced by Roving Enterprises and drew a national audience of 197,000 over its 2hr+ broadcast.

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  1. I am glad I am not the only person who finds Rebel boring and her comedy one-note but I wonder why this specific joke was cut. Was it to protect her and her reputation, or was it because of time?

    Surely a show like this would be polished enough to rehearse and when they new her bit went over, they would have told her to cut some of it, suuuuuurely.

  2. Comedy is very subjective.

    I may not a big fan of Rebel, but I found her monologue to be okay. I have heard worse than the “joke” in question by other comedians. Sadly.

    Positively, I liked her appearance alongside Ron Howard to present the main film awards. Got to give some praise when needed.

  3. I’m not normally a huge fan of Rebel Wilson, but I must say I find that Aunt/Skin Cancer joke rather amusing and highly relatable. No idea why it had to be cut. Certainly not offensive.

  4. I was sitting in the audience – there were no groans or uncomfortable laughter discernible from there. Maybe the producers just felt it didn’t land as well as the other stuff and wanted to keep things snappy, which is pretty standard for an edited show.

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