Dicko wins Celebrity Apprentice (….try and look surprised)

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson has won Nine’s¬†Celebrity Apprentice 2012.

The media personality defeated Nathan Jolliffe for the title after producing the best music video for their charity song.

But the win was anti-climactic having been leaked by NineMSN which posted his victory online too early. That resulted in the news spreading quickly online, including on Twitter. Yesterday morning during radio interviews was asked about the leak too.

Yesterday morning on breakfast radio boss Mark Bouris tried to fend off the leak by claiming the show had filmed two endings.

“I’m the one who makes the final decision which tape goes to air,” he said.

“I’ve only made that decision an hour ago and I will be communicating it before 9am this morning.”

But TV Tonight received a DVD of the full episode several days earlier.

Dicko won $100,000 for his charity but asked that it be split for Jolliffe’s charity.


  1. I really loved Celebrity Apprentice last year. This year not so much. The result leaking early gifted me an hour and a half to watch something else.

  2. I read that ninemsn leaked it a day earlier because they got the dates wrong. Anyway Dicko was always going to win it when the challenge was music video.

    Its nice how the celbs split the winnings for the charities though. I reckon the celeb that wins gets an amount for there charity and the other celeb gets a s maller donation to there charity.

    Wonder how season 3 will go because this one didnt blow the ratings out of the water.

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