FOX 2012-13 trailers

FOX has released trailers for three comedies and two dramas coming next season.

Of these five, I like The Following from writer Kevin Williamson the most.

Ben and Kate

The Following

The Goodwin Games

The Mindy Project

The Mob Doctor


  1. The Following looks scary but good. I like the look of The Goodwin Games and maybe Mob Doctor. I am hoping that Revolution will last. I hope it isn’t just a flash in the pan and the good writing and plot ideas peter out after one season.

  2. Liked the look of Following, prepared to give Goodwin a go based on HIMYM. Cannot get in to Mindy Kaling (and, btw, Offspring, anyone?) And if I see one more cute 5 year old kid used to ‘illustrate what a good person a lead character (why? because they don’t dislike a kid they’re actually related to?)

  3. @barrett: The Following might be a Fox show but according to IMDB it’s a Warner Bros production so at a guess it would go to 9.

    Which imo is bad, 7 is always your best bet, look at Boston Legal vs Harry’s Law. Guess which one is Warner produced. Yet if 7 had it i’m sure it would be shown week to week even if it was on at 10.30 or 11.30.

  4. I’ll probably check them all out — except for The Mindy Project. I know it was supposed to be a comedy but it seemed humorless, and none of the actors appealed to me.

  5. The Following looks good…..David do you know what FTA network if any will have the rights to this.
    At 15 episodes long it looks like the Yanks are starting to learn from the Poms that less is actually more.

  6. Ben and Kate’s trailer is very charming and endearing. It really draws you in. I hope this show succeeds, it looks like a breath of fresh air.

    Not sold on the Following but I did like the look of The Mob Doctor.

    The Goodwin Games looks good (made by the creators of HIMYM), it looks like Ten would have the rights to most of these shows

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