Hot Property: May 31

The Block is doing well for Nine, but is it all about renovation or is there room for property too?

The Block is doing well for Nine, but is it all about renovation or is there room for property too?

Last Thursday’s episode of The Block was 1.25m. While Hot Property averaged 977,000 it was enough to win its timeslot.

An ambitious 24-year-old homeowner and parents looking for a bigger backyard take the auction plunge on Hot Property hosted by Michael Caton, this Thursday at 8.00pm on Channel Nine.

Each week on Hot Property we meet nervous vendors and buyers and watch the market dictate the real price of real estate. Packed with up-to-date market info, it’s a must-watch program for any home buyer, seller or renovator negotiating the challenges of the property game to make their real estate dreams come true.

This week we meet Alex, a builder and carpenter who bought his unit at Fairlight in Sydney three years ago. The handyman-turned-property developer did a great job renovating the apartment, but when it’s time to sell he declines an attractive pre-auction offer. Was that such a wise thing to do? He’ll find out on auction day.

In Victoria, Vincent and Naomi have also spent three hard years renovating their oasis. The property in the seaside town of Mornington is great – the only problem is the lack of outdoor space for their youngest son.

Both properties are up for auction, but are their price expectations realistic? And will both vendors get the result they want?

8pm Thursday on Nine.

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