1.9m for The Voice, TEN slips to fourth.

TEN had a tough night on Monday, slipping to fourth place behind the ABC.

The Voice (1.9m) was the top show, helping Nine Network to win the night. The Block also won its timeslot on 1.34m viewers, followed by Nine News (1.26m), ACA (1.13m),  Tricky Business (769,000) and Hot Seat on 687,000.

Seven News (1.38m) was best for Seven then Revenge (1.33m), Today Tonight (1.24m), The Force (931,000), Home and Away (928,000), Border Security (771,000), Deal or No Deal (646,000), Body of Proof (619,000) and The Price is Right (328,000).

ABC News led ABC1 with 1.12m then Australian Story (779,000), Q & A (709,000), 7:30 and Four Corners (both 697,000), Media Watch (685,000) and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (540,000).

MasterChef managed 1.03m for TEN with TEN News on 817,000, Bondi Vet on 607,000, NCIS on 470,000, The Project 6pm on 458,000, NCIS: LA on 367,000 and the revamped TEN Late News debuting with 151,000.

Mythbusters was 249,000 for SBS ONE and World News Australia was 161,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 314,000.

Sunrise: 360,000
Today: 326,000
ABC News Breakfast: 41,000 / 20,000
Breakfast: 30,000

Monday 4 June 2012 


  1. Would it be too late to ask for the Spartacus, Fringe and Chuck figures please? I was going to ask yesterday but the internet stopped working for hours. I hope more people found Fringe.

    Re: Ten Late Night News

    I’ll admit if I didn’t look at this website I wouldn’t know there was a Ten Late Night News. That said I will be watching Lateline or Fringe or Star Trek. I’ll also admit I catch Lateline on ABC News 24 if I miss it.

  2. I saw an ad for Late News wih Hamish McDonald giving a gorgeous smile, and i thought yep i’ll watch just for that smile. But really who can be bothered trying to figure out when the hell it would start.

  3. TEN didn’t bother to promote Hamish McDonald’s news program – I haven’t seen anything about it and I watch 10 quite a lot.

  4. jezza the first original one

    I must say that I am normally hooked into MC by now, but I am just tired of the way it is produced with the fake tension and timing of the adverts. I am not watching it very often and not missing it.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if after This Years Master Chef Ten goes back to proven US Sitcoms as a 7pm offering year round like the old days given the ratings are so low.I don’t have the actual figures on me at hand but Seinfeld this time a decade ago did much better.

  6. Interesting figures for the debut of Ten Late News with Hamish McDonald -151000. One would expect more for a debut. Sandra Sully’s version was pulling in over 230,000 on a bad night – hittting over 400,000 on numerous occasions even after its cancellation was announced. Seriously Ten, what were you thinking?

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