2012 Pt. II: Nine

Dallas, The Following, House Husbands, Parade's End .....Nine confirms key titles for the remainder of 2012.

We’re not quite at the halfway mark of the year, and we don’t reach the halfway point of the TV year until mid-July, but Nine is confirming its key titles for the remainder of 2012.

They include:

2012 Olympic Games,
Big Brother,
Underbelly Badness,
The Farmer Wants a Wife,
Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War,
House Husbands,
Parades End,
Treasure Island,
Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year.
At Home with the Weekly,
The Great Australian Bakeoff,
Hot Property,
Anger Management,
The Following,
Golden Boy,
Two and a Half Men,
The Big Bang Theory,
The Mentalist,
Two Broke Girls,
NRL Finals,
State of Origin,
Summer of Cricket

Episodes has also been flagged.

Last night Nine rolled out its first promos for Underbelly: Badness featuring Jonathan LaPaglia.

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  1. Underbelly Badness seemed a bit corny until i found out that’s the nickname of the main crim. As for Jonathon LaPaglia this is a great casting move by Nine,he’s done some very good work on US tv – including the brilliant sci fi show 7 days – and is a very good actor.

    Dallas could be interesting. I neved watched the orginal but wish I had,and this one has the three main actors from that one. Might check it out if only to see the opening theme!

  2. @Snoopy888. 9 does have a catch up system on computer. Its how I watch 2 Broke Girls, because I’m at work when its on. Its available through ninemsn website and each episode is up for 3 or 4 weeks.

  3. Nothing there grabs me at all… will watch BB the first day to see who the housemates are of course, but everything else zzzzzzzzzz….

    And Episodes, what, three years after it first aired in the US? Well done Nine, that will rate through the roof I’m sure.

  4. Oh so they won’t be fasttracking the next season of Survivor then?

    The Following looks awesome. And never seen an episode of the original Dallas in my life, but I’ve been enjoying the new series.

    I just don’t trust Nine with my shows. Heck Episodes is nearly finished season 2.

  5. I know these lists are not usually complete but notable omissions are 666 park ave, Revolution, Cult and Carrie diaries. All WB shows that 9 would have had first grabs at. 666 park ave (with rachael Taylor) looks good, I’d be disappointed if they sold that to foxtel.

  6. Saw the promo the other night but non of the new show on it really grabbed me, but at least they have taken the fight up to Seven. That said I think Seven will still win the year over all but it will be a fight.

  7. State of Origin will be done and dusted by the mid way point for the year (the last game is just over two weeks away).

    Is Nine being a bit ambitious in including it in the list?

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