Airdate: Billy Connolly’s Route 66. Returning: Sunday Night.

Seven has confirmed shows for its Sunday line-up following the end of Dancing with the Stars.

Sunday Night returns to 6:30pm this Sunday, hosted by Chris Bath.

At 7:30pm it will be followed by the premiere of travel series, Billy Connolly’s Route 66 which has already enjoyed plenty of promotion. Downton Abbey resumes at 8:30pm.

This brand new series sees world-renowned comedian and motorbike enthusiast Billy Connolly fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling the world’s most famous highway – Route 66.

The 2488 mile long road from Chicago to Santa Monica is the embodiment of the American dream and, set to a soundtrack of some of the best American music of the 20th century, Billy will be taking in everything from the skyscrapers of Chicago and St Louis to the Wild West badlands of Oklahoma and Texas.

Astride his Boom motor-trike, Billy will see the Grand Canyon, the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, the beaches of the Pacific and the excesses of LA. Along the way he’ll meet the disciples of Route 66, from seasoned “roadies” to first-timers living the dream. He’ll also learn about key figures and events that have shaped the richly diverse culture and character of the US past and present.

Billy says: “How many other roads do you know that people sing about? It’s just one of those places you long to see. Ever since I was a wee boy in Glasgow I have fantasised about getting my kicks on Route 66.

“This will be a tale in tarmac of presidents and paupers, cowboys and Indians, diners and drive-thrus, framed in a landscape from 100 movies with a soundtrack of the greatest music in the world – rock n roll. We’re going to have lots of fun, meet lots of people and see lots of things.”

More than a travelogue, Billy gives us insight into a legend…

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