Airdate: Gruen Sweat. Bumped: Randling, Life’s Too Short.

Gruen will return with a 4 week Olympics series, triggering changes to ABC1's Wednesday line-up.

In February I was tipping Gruen would return with an Olympics-themed series this year and that’s exactly what’s happening.

ABC1 will launch Gruen Sweat, Olympic-themed edition of Gruen Transfer to run for 45 minutes across 4 weeks.

Wil Anderson and regulars Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft, will examine the ”marketing machine that underpins, underwrites and over-exploits the Olympics”.

The series airs from 8:30pm Wednesday July 25 which sees Randling, bumped to 9.15pm. Life’s Too Short will move to 9.45pm.

ABC1 Channel Controller, Brendan Dahill told the Sydney Morning Herald, ”Obviously, the numbers haven’t quite worked out the way we hoped they would [but] the important thing to remember is no show is born perfect.”

Gruen Sweat will be followed by the second season of Gruen Planet.

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  1. By the way I do see why they did it as the Olympics start on July 27 so it’s two days before. It’s just a bit awkward. I do want to add I’m interested in it. If SBS doesn’t tempt me away I’ll be watching Gruen.

  2. Think I would’ve put Life’s Too Short on before Randling to better hold the numbers after Gruen. Actually, I would do what A. suggests and wait a week until LTS has finished. As it is now, I’m going to have to find something to do betw Gruen and LTS.

  3. OK if I’ve worked it out correctly it would probably be the last episode of Life’s Too Short. They couldn’t of waited a week? Also the Indian Ocean series will be over. I wonder what’s next?

    By the way I hope next year they put Mad as Hell on a Wednesday. As that’s funny and intelligent. Plus pretty darned good.

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