First 4 qualify for The Voice semi finals

The first four contestants have been selected for The Voice semi-final.

They are Karise Eden and Fatai Veamatahau from Team Seal and Rachel Leahcar and Glenn Cunningham from Team Delta.

Missing out were Chris Sebastian, Emma Louise Birdsall, Viktoria Bolonina and Danni Da Ros.

Four more will join them from Team Keith and Team Joel.

Last night’s show turned in some terrific performances especially from Diana Rouvas and Darren Percival. Both are from Keith Urban’s team, meaning one will miss out on the chance to compete in the Grand Final.

The night also threw up an interesting moment when Joel Madden answered back to audience members who were booing a critique from Delta Goodrem. Madden tried to explain they were just as passionate about the contestants as the audience.


  1. If Chris Sebastian and Emma Loise had of picked Delta they may of still been in. Because Seal got the bulk of the good singers, some really good ones left too early. if ayone is planning to go on this show next year, think abou it. Go for the weakest judge, you will stay in longer.

  2. brettles – dont worry youre not missing much.

    as for reece and altiyan, reece has quite a big following for someone who has only released 2 songs, and altiyan’s given his music career the flick (or maybe the other way around).

    if karise wins, she could do well world wide with the right song. shes the shining hope and why i keep watching.

  3. At Brettles: Altyan Childs recently gave up his singing career and has gone back to his previous job as being a forklifter. As for Reece Mastin, he’s still singing

  4. daveinprogress

    Seal and Delta have the strongest contestants – Fatai, Karise are wonderful, as are Delta’s Rachael (who i think will win) and Glenn who i predict will get knocked out next round. Joel has the weakest group – Ben is the standout, Lakyn has the viewers. Keith’s Diana and Darren are top notch. I think it will be a spectacular finish. I miss the mentors – especially Megan Washington.

  5. So disappointed with the’voices’ on The Voice. I bailed from watching the show about three weeks ago but from those endless ‘please vote’ highlights that nine plays ad nauseum, nothing has changed my opinion about the so called ‘talent’ on this show. It will be more interesting to see how Universal markets the eventual winner. Again, The Voice is another talent show that seems to praise mediocrity. I wonder what ever happened to…Altyan Childs and Reece Mastin?

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